Dream of: 13 August 1983 "Synchronization"

I had taken my brother Chris to a large athletic field to give him some physical exercises. I thought because he had muscular dystrophy and couldn't move well, his muscles needed to be exercised. Specifically, I wanted to hold him up by the ankles so his head would be on the ground like someone standing on their head. I thought it would be beneficial for his whole body, but I had never done it before and was unsure I would be able to support him.

I looked around and saw two fellows throwing about a dozen bowling pins back and forth to each other. The pins formed a large 10 meter diameter circle in the air. I was intrigued by the precision with which the circle was formed.

One of the fellows throwing the pins was Perkins (a law student). I couldn't tell for sure who the other fellow was, but he reminded me of what Chris would be like if he didn't have muscular dystrophy.

I carried Chris to the other side of a road which abutted the athletic field. We sat down on a slopping bank and watched the pins being thrown. I saw Perkins miss a pin. The whole chain seemed to lose synchronization and fell one by one. The pins smashed down onto the road and the bank where we were sitting.

Perkins and the other fellow gathered the pins and began throwing them to each other again. Again the circle of pins formed in the air. Again someone missed a pin and they came crashing down to the ground. I went to gather them up. I could see where they had hit the hard road and left marks on the road. I found one pin broken in half and I couldn't find the missing piece. Two others had their necks broken off. I found the broken necks and thought I could fix them with super glue. I also thought I might be able to put some black tape on the necks of the pins to reinforce them.

I returned the pins to the two fellows and went back to Chris. He was fast asleep and I couldn't seem to wake him. I thought I would carry him back over to the athletic field and try to rouse him with the exercises.

I began walking down the bank and a small brown animal appeared in front of me. It made a loud squeaking noise. It looked like a rodent, but clearly it wasn't a rat. I asked someone standing nearby if they knew what it was.

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