Dream of: 12 August 1983 (2) "Corroded Hoe"

While I was walking around with a hoe in my hand, I came to the Grace Street House (the House in New Boston where Birdie lived in the late 1960s). I sat down on the front porch steps where Bishop (Birdie's father) was also sitting. A baby was lying on the porch near the front door.

The hoe in my hand was quite corroded. I picked up a piece of metal and began scrapping the hoe with it, trying to remove some of the corrosion.

I looked at the baby (probably 1 year old). I couldn't tell whether it was a boy or a girl. Its face seemed chapped and it didn't seem well cared for.

A woman came to the door. At first I thought she was an old woman but then I saw she was a black-haired girl (about 16-17 years old). I asked her if Birdie was inside. She said she was and disappeared back into the house.

I looked at the child again and realized it was actually about 3 years old. I looked at its features and tried to discern whom they resembled. I clearly saw Birdie's resemblance, but couldn't be sure the child resembled me.

A few minutes later Birdie appeared at the door wearing a long cotton night gown. She seemed healthy and robust. I said something to her about the baby and then picked it up. I realized then the child was a girl. Her face was no longer chapped. She was quite pretty and well defined. She seemed to be wearing some red lipstick. She said something to me and I answered, "You can talk?"

"Of course I can talk," she responded.

I was quite surprised. Her speech seemed like an adult's. I held her in front of me and she bent back as if she wanted to be free of me. Finally I gave her to Birdie, who took her back into the house.

I was disappointed because I wanted to be with the little girl longer.

In the meantime, Bishop had left. I heard Birdie talking on the phone inside, apparently to Bishop's brother. He told her if Birdie let me have the child, Bishop would kill me.

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