Dream of: 12 August 1983 "Castration"

On the screen of a television was a man (probably 40 years old) telling someone if he were castrated, he wouldn't be able to go on living. He had black hair and looked a bit Italian. He was the leader of a group of about six or seven men.

That night the man and his cohorts captured about 40-50 women. They took them out into the country. They built a large campfire and the men and women went to sleep around the fire.

Late that night the women began stirring and rose. They managed to steal the men's guns. They were planning to escape and began leaving. Suddenly one woman screamed out and awoke the men. Startled, the men all stood up. The woman who had screamed was holding a large gold-covered gun in her hand.

She talked to the men and gave one of them the gun. Apparently her plan was to give the gun to the men so the men could see how helpless they had been, would be grateful and willingly let the women leave.

The scene on the screen changed to a large, beautiful, white horse being held by some men. Another man came up behind the horse with a knife, quickly reached between the horse's legs and with a quick slash, castrated the animal. The horse let out a terrible cry of pain. The men let go, but the horse just stood still enduring its pain.

The leader of the men who had captured the women was then led in. He was told to bend over on his hands and knees. He did so. The picture on the screen showed a light which was over top of the man and aimed down at the man. The man couldn't be seen, but the sound of a quick slash was heard and the moan of the man.

The camera focused back on the man sitting on the ground in a puddle of blood. A towel was draped over his lap. Someone said to him, "We'll give you ten minutes to get your things together."

"Perfect," he responded.

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