Dream of: 08 August 1983 "Sad Love Songs"

Eubanks (a Portsmouth acquaintance from high school) was showing me the lyrics of a song he had written on a piece of paper. As I read the words, Eubanks played along on the guitar to show me how the lyrics should sound. The rhyming lyrics were pretty and the song was sad. Reflecting how Eubanks had once told me his girl friend had left him, I thought about how Louise had left me. I could see how Eubanks could be writing sad love songs. Then Eubanks left.

The next day another fellow came in who also had written a song which I read. The lines rhymed and I thought it was quite nice. It was a sad song about a man who had loved several different women who each time had left him.

The ending syllable on several lines was a long "e." One line went, .".. on and on and one...." I made a notation saying that I didn't like that line and that it would have to go.

Eubanks walked in; the three of us talked and Eubanks said he had shown his song to someone else who had told him the word "lately" had appeared too many times in the song. Eubanks said the song had depended a great deal on that word and he had had to change it.

I told him if he would leave me a copy of the song, I would like to make some notations of any changes which I thought should be made. He thought that was a good idea.

We had decided we were all going to write songs and would check each other's songs to help us write better. I was going to have to begin writing a song for myself.

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