Dream of: 06 August 1983 "Having The Thunder"

Another fellow and I were in the Eighth Street Apartment. I was packing things preparing to move and I had things scattered all over the place. When I heard someone knock at the door, I went to the door and saw three girls standing outside. I opened the door and they walked into the Apartment and on into my bedroom. I told them to have a seat.

They seemed to be 16-17 years old. They told me they needed me to help a fellow who was in trouble. The fellow had lived in my Apartment before I had moved in, and had lived here with me for a short while after I had moved in.

As they sat and talked, I looked up and saw the other fellow who was in the room with me had taken off his pants. He was walking around wearing only a shirt and a pair of white undershorts.

I decided to take off my pants also. I took off my pants and shirt and sat back down on the bed wearing nothing except a pair of white undershorts. The girls didn't say anything. They continued talking. I realized I was beginning to have a slight erection. I tried to position myself so they wouldn't see it.

I stood up, looked down and saw my penis sticking straight up over my shorts. I pulled up my shorts and covered it up, but the girls had noticed it.

I went into the toilet and one of the girls followed me.

I looked down and saw my penis sticking up again over top of my shorts. The girl asked me if I had an erection and I said, "Well, no. Its about half erected. It'll go away."

She said, "Oh yea. It'll go away when we leave."

She reached out, touched my penis with her hand and said, "You've got the thunder."

I said something to her and she started to leave. I grabbed her and pulled her close to me. She half resisted and I began kissing her. She stopped resisting. I pulled her close to me, kissed her hard and held her.

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