Dream of: 01 August 1983 "Small Space Ship"

I was living on a small space ship with a few other people my age. The captain of the space ship had decided to destroy an inhabited planet which resembled earth. In my mind I visualized large cities being destroyed by atom bombs. One of the cities was Miami. I also had visions of naval ships on the sea.

All of us had previously been on the planet and had met an oriental-looking family which consisted of a man, his wife and two children. I began importuning the captain to let the family live and take them on the ship with us. He refused at first, but he finally gave in and said he would allow them to come with us.

We knew the man would be a good space fighter and when the captain acquiesced, I said, "Maybe with him here we can start a new fleet."

We only had one little space ship and I wanted to start a fleet of space ships. The captain shook his head as if to say that wasn't going to happen. I said, "Well, OK. That doesn't matter."

My biggest concern was simply taking the people off the planet. I knew I was going to have difficulty explaining to the family that our ship was going to destroy the whole planet and everybody on it. I didn't know if they were going to understand why we were doing that. I didn't even understand it myself.

I went down to their house, went inside and went to the toilet. I felt dirty and I wanted to take a shower. In the toilet were two shower stalls. One was full of stuff and the other had some clothes hanging in it. I decided to take the clothes out of the one and take a shower in it. I saw a towel, but was unsure I wanted to use it because I thought it might be dirty.

I looked out a window and saw a car with four oriental men pull up. I didn't want them to see me here, and I didn't want the family to mention anything to them about us because I thought they might cause some trouble. 

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