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Dream of: 30 July 1983 (2) "Graduated"

It was quite late and I had been sitting at a table in a bar since around 6:30 p.m. I was drinking ice water from a clear glass. Mike Walls walked in, sat down across from me and also began drinking something.

I picked up a glass of water from the table and drank from it. But it was warm and not cold like the water I had just been drinking. I then realized Walls had just filled his glass from a nearby water fountain. I had picked up his glass by mistake and the water in it hadn't yet had time to be cooled by the ice. I saw my glass still sitting on the table, picked it up and drank from it. It was quite cold.

I felt good because I hadn't been drinking anything alcoholic like many of the people around me. At the same time, I felt intoxicated and a bit giggly.

Gray (a fellow law student) walked up and sat down on my right. We began talking and I told him I had been here since 6:30. Several people sitting around our table seemed to think it was interesting that I had been here that long. Gray said, "Haven't you been drinking?"

I said, "No. I've just been drinking water all this time."

We talked a while longer. Finally I rose and went to the restroom where I found three urinals. I started toward the one on the left, but noticed it was clogged up. So I went to the one on the far right. I thought about how I didn't like it when people stood next to me when I used a urinal. I thought if someone were to come in now, he would probably stand next to me at the middle urinal because the one on the far left was stopped up. I thought I should have gone ahead myself and used the one which was stopped up so if someone else came in, he could go to the one on the far right and we wouldn't have to stand next to each other.

But no one came in and I finished urinating. As I was leaving, Davis (another fellow law student) walked in and went to the urinal where I had been. I had seen Davis earlier in the evening at a party. He said, "Steve, I meant to talk to you. What are you doing now?"

I replied, "I'm taking practice court and evidence in law school."

But then I stopped, thought and said, "No. Wait a minute. I'm not taking practice court or evidence. I graduated. I'm not doing anything right now."

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