Dream of: 29 July 1983 (2) "Abandoned House"

While Louise and I were walking together along a road late at night in the bottom land of West Portsmouth, I saw a large, two-story red-brick house nearby. It was old and abandoned and I wanted to go look at it.

As we walked, I turned to Louise and asked, "Do you think you could give me a blow job here?"

She indicated she would. After I pulled down my pants, Louise knelt on her knees and stuck my penis into her mouth. I soon felt a small amount of sperm in my penis and thought it came out, but was unsure.

Suddenly I awoke and realized I had been dreaming. I was lying on my back on a mattress on the floor. When I felt around my penis to see if I had had a wet dream, I detected a trifling amount of sperm around the tip of my penis. I thought it had been almost a month since I had had an orgasm.

The phone rang. I picked it up and Louise was on the other end. I told her she had been in my dream and I said we had been in West Portsmouth near a red brick house. I said we had never actually been there in reality and she responded, "No, we were there one time."

She remembered having been there with me once in reality. I stopped, thought and realized we indeed had once been to that house. I had completely forgotten about it. I said, "Well, while we were over there I asked you to give me a blow job and you did."

I was unsure whether I should have used the words "blow job." I tried to think of a better phrase, but was unsure one existed. I thought Louise might be insulted by my having said that. I also didn't tell her I had ejaculated in the dream.

We hung up and Bohl (a law student), who was planning to live there with me, walked into the room in a rush. He was expecting a girl to visit him soon and he needed a private place where the two of them could sleep.

I looked around the room and saw a desk and a chest of drawers. The house reminded me of the House in West Portsmouth, except it was smaller. It consisted of only my bedroom, a front room and a small bathroom. I rose and walked with Bohl into the front room where a regular bed was set up for a girl who was living there and who was in the bathroom at the moment.

Bohl and I walked out onto the front porch where a mattress was standing on its side. It was raining and the mattress was wet. Bohl obviously couldn't stay with his girl on the front porch.

When I noticed a hole in the ceiling of the porch from which a rope ladder was hanging, I asked Bohl if he planned to go up there with his girl; he answered, "No."

I told Bohl he could have my room and I would sleep on the floor in the front room. I said I wouldn't mind if the girl in the front room didn't mind. I wanted to be closer to her anyway.

Bohl and I walked back into my bedroom. I pointed to some boards there and suggested Bohl could build a double bunk and put his bed over top of mine. We had another twin size mattress and springs. I told him I had never seen a twin size bunk bed and feared it would break, but I thought it might work.

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