Dream of: 29 July 1983 "Latin Poetry"

I encountered Ed Horner (a law professor) at the library at Baylor Law School, suddenly realized I had a paper which was due in the oil and gas class I was taking under him and said, "Oh no. When is that paper due? Have I passed the deadline yet?"

He pulled out a calendar and said the paper would be due in a few days, on Monday November the first. I was also going to have two final exams the same week the paper was due. I thought I would have all weekend to spend on the paper and said, "OK. I guess I'll just have to get it done."

I went on to a class which John Wilson (a law professor) was teaching; Wilson handed out a notebook which the students were supposed to read. I looked through the pages, saw some Latin poetry and began reading it. I thought I should be reading more Latin poetry in notebooks.

When the class was finished I began talking to Margaret (a law student), who was also in the class. We went outside, met Brian (a law student) and the three of us boarded a car. Margaret sat in the front seat, while Brian and I sat in the back. I reached up, slipped my arm around Margaret's back to her front and put it under her left arm. As we talked I gradually began feeling her breast. I was afraid Brian was going to see what I was doing, but he didn't. I began squeezing her breast harder and harder; she was obviously enjoying it.

We came to some almost perpendicular cliffs which we had to descend and I began driving the car. At one point I had to reach my arm out of the car and grab something to pull the car around. It was dangerous, but I managed to do it. I told the others I was going to take them out to a place where I lived in the country. I thought about taking them to my Cabin, but instead we went to a modern house which was being built.

We stopped the car and walked inside the house, which wasn't yet completely finished. Margaret and I began picking up some trash I had left lying about and straightening up the place while Brian wandered around.

Since I wanted to be alone with Margaret, I decided to send Brian away in the car for something. I was afraid he might not be able to negotiate the steep cliffs and be killed, but I sent him anyway.

Margaret took off all her clothes except for a flimsy, frilly, white bra and panties. I stood next to her by the wall in one of the rooms and began squeezing both her breasts which didn't seem large. I thought about taking her into a little room and having sex with her. We walked into a small room. I wanted to pull down her panties and my pants and have intercourse with her standing up. But I didn't yet have an erection; I would need a few more minutes.

Margaret said she might be Miss Texas soon because she had been third in a beauty contest and the person in first place had withdrawn. If something now happened to number two, she would be Miss Texas and possibly become Miss America.

Margaret was responsive and obviously wanted to have sex. But then I thought I heard Brian talking outside. I didn't think he would be able to tell exactly where we were, but we stopped while I looked outside the room to make sure he was nowhere around.

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