Dream of: 25 July 1983 "Four And Twenty Years Ago"

I was walking through the halls of a resort with a couple people (one of whom was an attractive woman) who were taking me to my room. I walked into a restaurant by mistake, realized I had taken a wrong turn and walked back into the hall.

We were looking for room number 20. I saw many numbers on the doors we were coming closer. On the wall were several phones with the numbers 18, 19, 20 and 21 over them. I thought, "Well, those must be telephones for some reason for the rooms."

We turned a corner; many people were standing in front of the door to a room which I knew was room 20. A big party was going on inside. I looked at the people who were with me and said, "Well, you should have told me."

The people standing in front of the room were all dressed in elegant clothing I was just wearing some old clothes. I said, "I should have at least put on a clean shirt."

When we finally reached the door, Brian was standing there. He had been wearing a tuxedo, but had taken off the jacket. He was now wearing a nice white shirt and black pants. I mentioned to him that I wished I had had time to at least put on a decent shirt; but no one cared.

The party was basically for me. We opened a door and walked in; I immediately did a hand-spring to liven things up. I flipped over my head and onto my feet. Even though I had done the hand-spring myself, it almost seemed as if I had watched someone else do it.

Several beautiful girls were there; most of them seemed interested in me. I was also intrigued by them; I wanted to sit down and talk with them what shapely bodies they had.

A television was in the room, but it wasn't turned on. I thought, "Well, we've got to get some music."

I rolled up my shirt sleeves, picked up a little radio and turned the dial. The numbers on the left side of the dial were the same as the numbers on the right side. It looked as if the numbers began in the middle and went up on both sides.

I wanted to tune in a certain channel and began turning the dial, which was all the way to the left. Suddenly I heard a song by "Crosby, Stills and Nash." I liked the group and stopped there. The song was entitled "Four and Twenty Years Ago." I had heard it before on one of the group's albums, but I had never understood it.

The lyrics were being sung by a man playing a guitar; the music came across clearly and beautifully on the little radio. The song was about a man living in a little cabin in the country with his wife. He woke her up, brought her into a room and told her how much he loved her. He also mentioned something about hearing noises in the other room which sounded like rats. I couldn't hear that part well; it sounded incongruous for him to be talking about rats while he was expressing his love.

The man in the song went on to say that since they had been married, his true love was beginning to take hold. He said true love always comes second. I thought about Louise how she and I had consumed ourselves in a passionate love at first. Did we have any hope of having a second real love for each other? Perhaps it would be better if I simply terminated my relationship with her. I wanted a true, firm love like that being expressed in the song.

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