Dream of: 23 July 1983 "Shooting In Corsica"

I told Louise I wanted to take her to visit a couple colleges in town to see what they were like. The larger of the two colleges was called "Antioch," but we headed off in the car toward the smaller college.

We arrived at what appeared to be a college and entered a large building. Inside we found a lounge and sat down at a table. After we had been here a few minutes, Etie (a fellow law student) walked up and sat down beside us. Etie and I looked at each other for a minute and began talking. Etie looked at Louise and seemed surprised. When I looked at Louise I saw why: Louise's breasts were completely uncovered; she was nude from the waist up. I tried to ignore the fact and Etie also tried to ignore it, although Etie was obviously disconcerted.

How well-formed were Louise's breasts; they were attractive not so much sexually as esthetically. They were quite white and looked different than her breasts usually looked. They seemed to be spread out across her chest in an attractive way.

Etie began explaining to me about the college; I asked her where Antioch college was. She said it was in another town. She seemed to think we were now in Akron, Ohio and Antioch college was in Dayton, Ohio. I wanted to see Antioch college after we finished seeing this smaller college here; but since it was so far away, I realized we wouldn't be able to.

I told Etie I had to leave. Louise and I rose and left. Louise was wearing a black and white dress which she pulled up over her breasts. She was obviously upset and said, "Well, you didn't tell me that you knew that girl. You probably know all kinds of people and just haven't told me about it."

I tried to explain to her that Etie was only someone I had known at law school; I had just happened to know she worked there.

Louise and I walked around the halls together and entered some rooms. Soon we were ready to leave; but we had become lost and couldn't find our way out.

Louise sat down and decided to wait while I looked for the way out. I left through some corridors and soon was even more lost. I searched for a long time and finally was so lost I couldn't even find Louise again. I was afraid I was going to lose her.

I entered a room with a large window through which I could see the sidewalk outside. Some people, including Milam (another law student), were in the room. I pointed to the sidewalk and said, "I want to get down there, but I can't seem to find my way out."

I asked one fellow how to exit and he gave me some directions. He said, "Turn left, turn right and then turn left again and go up some stairs ...."

I thought then I knew how to exit; I left and proceeded up some narrow flights of stairs.

I would first go back and find Louise. I opened a door and entered another room, where a group of about 30 men and women was sitting. I thought McSwain would probably be among them. I said, "Excuse me."

A lady sitting at a large desk told me to come in. I walked in and someone asked me to sit down. I did so.

The lady had some papers in her hand; she began asking me about places I had been. Finally she said, "And you were in Iran for six months, weren't you?"

By now I realized I was on trial. I became rather angry and said, "No. Your records are just wrong."

She said something like, "You were in six months before the shooting began in Corsica."

I said, "No. Your records are completely wrong. I was in Iran for a year. I wasn't there for just six months. And there was no shooting that began in Corsica. The shooting began right there in Iran."

The rest of the group listened silently. One fellow was standing; he looked at me right in the eyes as if he were judging me. Finally he walked over to the side and shook his head up and down as if he believed everything I said. He definitely was on my side.

The lady referred to my record and said, "Well, it all doesn't make any difference now."

I objected and said, "Well of course it makes a difference. Otherwise I wouldn't be even sitting here answering questions about it like this in front of this group of people."

Some of the people looked at me and nodded approvingly at my answer.

I looked around at the other men and women in the room; everyone was well-dressed. I thought I saw Angus McSwain here, but realized it was a young man. The lady asked me something about McSwain. Then other people asked me some questions. I thought, "The only thing I can't tell them, I can't tell them about taking drugs before I started law school."

Finally the lady at the desk said, "Well, I approve of your record. I'm going to sign it."

I said, "Well, thank you very much."

The meeting adjourned and the people dispersed. I stood up, walked out, and went looking for Louise, but couldn't find her anywhere. A few minutes later I came back to the room; Stanford (a law professor) was the only one still here. My practice court notebook was lying on a table. Stanford picked it up and began going through it. On some pages were D's and F's. I said, "Well that's not what I made. I made a B on that notebook."

Stanford pulled something out of my notebook which looked like a legal brief and said, "I want to show you something."

He took me over to a shelf filled with books and pulled out some small blue pamphlets which contained pages of legal briefs. He explained that those were better to use. I looked at them and agreed.

I looked at the books on the shelf it was a small library of books I had never used before which would be helpful in law practice. I began thinking how many different source materials I would need if I were to practice international law.

Stanford walked out of the room and left me alone. I wanted to leave, but I saw a camera lying on a table and thought, "Well, I could just steal that camera if I wanted to."

But then I thought, "I'm not going to steal anything anymore. I don't need to steal anything."

I walked out of the room and thought, "I've got to find Louise. I don't even know if I can find her now. It's been so long. I know she's been waiting for me."

Finally I walked into a room and found Louise sitting there. Apparently she had already figured out how to exit and was waiting for me.

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