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Dream of: 21 July 1983 "Thornton"

Louise and I were together in a house which seemed to be somewhere in Portsmouth. The owners of the house were temporarily away. We had planned to have a party in the house, but instead we simply went to the basement, took off our clothes and lay down together in a large bed. We weren't going to actually have sex we only wanted to lie next to each other. I had some reservations, but went ahead anyway.

Louise lay on her back and I lay on top of her. I slid down between her legs so my face was near her pubic region. She bent her knees back and brought her legs up toward her breasts. My hands were on her legs and when they came close to her breasts, I began squeezing them.

I stopped, rose from the bed, and told Louise I was going to go lock the door at the top of the basement stairs. I also wanted to lock a garage door at the back of the basement.

I walked to the top of the stairs and looked at the door and golden door handle. I didn't think I was going to be able to lock it. I thought instead I might prop a snow shovel, which was standing on the stairs, against it so I would be able to hear if anyone came through.

As I grabbed the door handle, I was startled to feel someone turning the handle from the other side. The door opened and a strange man (about 35 years old) appeared. I backed up. He looked at me strangely.

He seemed to be half insane. He was about my height but more muscular. He was a rather ugly character with large jaws, a large nose and large lips. He was wearing a light-colored shirt and dark pants.

He grabbed me; I didn't know quite what to think. I couldn't see Louise from where I was. I began backing down the stairs and said something so Louise could hear me. When we had descended halfway down the stairs, I was able to see Louise. She was sitting in the bed; she had put something over her so she wasn't completely nude. Suddenly I screamed out at the top of my lungs. Louise said, "Don't worry. Its OK."

She seemed to know who the fellow was and she thought we had nothing to worry about. I looked at him again. Although I didn't recognize him, he seemed familiar. I thought perhaps he was Louise's old boyfriend.

We walked all the way to the bottom of the stairs and finally the fellow said he had been sent over by the next door neighbor to check on the house. He said no one had told the neighbor someone else was going to be in the house while the people who lived in it were away. He said I needed to go over and tell the neighbor.

I calmed down and said, "Well, can you wait a minute until I put on some clothes?"

He said, "OK."

I realized the fellow's name was Thornton, but I still couldn't remember how I knew him; I said, "You're Thornton aren't you."

He answered, "Yea."

He looked at me and said, "Its Collier, isn't it?"

I answered, "Yea."

He shook his head and headed for the garage door. I thought I would put on some clothes and follow him.

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