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Dream of: 20 July 1983 (2) "Lost Diamond"

Louise and I had been on the second floor of a house in the neighborhood of Mike Wall's house in Portsmouth, Ohio. We left the house about three o'clock in the morning by means of an outside flight of stairs; when we reached the ground, I saw a golden necklace hanging down in a small hole in the ground. Most of the necklace was in the hole, but part of it had caught on a splinter of something and was visible above the hole. I picked it up and showed it to Louise. Next to the necklace I found another piece of golden jewelry which had a diamond in it and next to it I found another tiny diamond. I realized I was the one who had lost the jewelry here once before, but I had been unsure before where I had lost them.

We walked a short distance and I dropped the small diamond in some grass. I began searching for it, but couldn't find it. Louise told me not to worry about it and to come on.

We went down a grassy lane and Louise walked on about 30 meters ahead of me. She looked back and said, "Hurry up. I'm in a hurry. I've got to get back to my mother."

It made me angry that she had to return to her mother and I said, "Well, what do you want to do, just snuggle up in bed with her?"

She looked at me indignantly and walked on. She reached a street and crossed it. Suddenly she screamed at me and I saw two rough-looking men running toward me. I thought they were going to attack and rob me. I fell down on the ground and they ran past me. I heard Louise scream again. I looked across the street; four big muscular rough-looking men had grabbed Louise, picked her up and were carrying her away, holding her about waist high parallel to the ground. A man was at her head, another at her feet and two were in between with their arms around her. Louise was absolutely terrified and hollered out, "They're going to rape me!"

I saw some men working in a gas station on the other side of the street not far from Louise. I wanted to holler to them and tell them to call the police, but I was petrified and my voice wouldn't come to me. I knew if I ran across the street and tried to save her, the men would probably attack me. But I had to do something. I couldn't let her be raped without at least trying to help. I was terrified and it terrified me even more to hear her screaming and screaming in utter terror.

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