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Dream of: 20 July 1983 "Shaking A Little"

I was driving on Route 23 about 15 kilometers north of Portsmouth, Ohio. I pulled over into what appeared to be a highway patrol station. I stepped out of the car and walked inside. A couple highway patrolmen dressed in civilian clothes were there checking cars and the identification of people who were taking a little road off to the right. I wasn't planning to go on that road, so I didn't think they would check me.

I had carried some papers and a notebook into the station. One paper had a transcript of my undergraduate college work on one side and a transcript of my law school work on the other. I laid the notebook on a table and the paper on top of it.

Someone in front of me was being checked out. After they were finished, one of the men picked up my transcript and began looking at it. I said, "Oh, I'm sorry I left that lying there. I'm going on straight through. But do you want to check my driver license?"

"Yea," he said.

I thought, "Uh oh."

I pulled out my billfold and started to hand my Baylor ID to them. But I realized that wasn't my license. So I pulled out my driver's license and handed it to them. One of them sat down at a table and began looking at it. He went over some papers, stood up and said a few discrepancies were in it. He said one problem was my not wearing glasses.

I realized I wasn't wearing glasses. I also realized my insurance had expired on the car and I was afraid they would find out. My license tags had also expired. Moreover, I was afraid he would discover I had been drinking alcohol.

But the only thing he discovered was my not wearing glasses. He also said my notebook was in a messy condition. I became angry and said, "You can't cite me because my notebook is in a messy condition."

I had some gum in my mouth. I spat it out and put another piece in my mouth. It was sticky. I tried to get it out of my mouth, but it wouldn't come out. I knew it would cover up the smell of beer, but I still wanted it out.

Finally I calmed down and said, "Well, I realize that I should be wearing glasses. But is it OK if I just drive my car back into town without glasses? Then I'll get glasses when I get there."

He said, "No. No."

He was nasty about it and he wouldn't let me do that. I continued pleading with him to allow me to drive back into town. He said I couldn't and he would have to call the police if I took off. Finally I tried to think of someone I could call to come out and get me. I thought perhaps I could call my friend Mike Walls or my friend Leah. I decided on Walls.

I picked up a phone to call Walls. I called the operator and she asked me what my number was. I made up a number and gave it to her. One of the men here said, "Well, is that the right number?"

I saw some numbers on the phone, but my eyesight was so bad I couldn't read them. Finally I asked one of the men sitting here if he could tell what they were. But he likewise couldn't tell.

I noticed I was shaking a little. I was afraid I was shaking from having been drinking alcohol. But no one seemed to notice.

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