Dream of: 17 July 1983 "All For The Best"

Several people were visiting me at the Eighth Street Apartment. A girl with long, frizzy, black hair, whom I had been seeing for awhile and whom I particularly liked, was among them.

Louise walked in; apparently she knew I had been seeing the girl. I pulled Louise over to the side and led her out onto the porch balcony. After I had kissed her and told her she was the one I loved, we walked back inside and sat down. Louise remained reserved and didn't seem to want to have anything to do with me.

Finally the black-haired girl rose and prepared to leave. Louise also stood up and walked into the kitchen, obviously intending to leave. I grabbed the black-haired girl, walked out to the porch with her and held her. When Louise came to the door, the black-haired girl began to pull away to leave, but I pulled her back and said, "No."

Even though the black-haired girl wanted to pull away from me, she was still friendly and I could tell she liked me. As I held her close to me, Louise, with a scowl on her face, walked past us and began walking down the outside stairs. I said, "Good-bye, Louise."

Louise looked as if she didn't care anything about me. I still didn't want Louise to leave, however, because she was the one I cared about. Yet I felt perhaps it was time for her to walk out of my life. Her leaving hurt, but still seemed as if maybe it was all for the best.

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