Dream of: 15 July 1983 "Shabby Little Church"

a meaningful life

is always dependent on

an immortal life

While my girlfriend Louise and I were in a wooded area, I began explaining to her that I had discovered a method by which I could be transported into another existence. Part of the process was fairly simple: I simply needed to hold two each of certain objects. In addition, in order for the transport to be successful, Louise needed to perform certain acts for me. Having Louise perform the acts, however, could be problematical, because I wanted Louise to also be transported to the other existence. If she performed the acts for me, who would perform the same acts for her so she could be transported?

Despite the possible complications, I nevertheless decided to proceed with the process. As part of the procedure, I held some sticks in my hand, and I stuck a matchstick in my mouth. Something was also supposed to be done with a coin, but I didn't do that. Having sat down and closed my eyes, I noticed that the matchstick in my mouth had splintered on the end which I was chewing. Concerned that the splintered matchstick might not function, I asked Louise to place another matchstick in my mouth. As Louise began performing her acts, she mentioned something about putting a coin in my hand, but I advised her not to worry about it.

Suddenly I felt myself starting to move, to be transported. Not wanting to abandon Louise, I reached out and embraced her, but she screamed, "Let go of me! Let go of me!" Since I knew Louise would be coming later, I released her, but she still held onto my neck and this time she cried, "No. Don't leave me. Don't leave me."

I clutched her again, and when I realized that she was about to slip away from me, I pulled her to me as tightly as I could. As I held on to her, I sensed she was being transported with me through space at break-neck speed. When we abruptly ground to a halt, I had the dizzying feeling that both of us had taken LSD. 

Lifting my eyelids, I surveyed our surroundings, seeking to discern our whereabouts, and I recognized that we were on a high hill overlooking the Ohio River near Portsmouth. Descrying another hill to our left, I pointed it out to Louise and, referring to my log Cabin (a one-room log cabin which I built in 1979 on the highest hill of my grandparents' Gallia County Farm in southern Ohio), I announced, "That's where my Cabin is. We'll go up there."

Staring at the neighboring hill, I noticed enormous tunnels through which I could see huge buildings on the other side of the hill. I knew the tunnels signified something, but I was unsure what.

Large buildings were also on the hill where we were standing. Pointing out the buildings to Louise, I explained that the buildings were churches. Since I realized that it was about 10:15 a.m. Sunday – a good time to pray - and since I heard Louise say, "Lord" as if she were praying, I said, "Yes, we need to invoke the Lord now."

Apparently, however, Louise wasn't praying and she became visibly irritated by what I had said and she complained, "That's just like you." I was unsure why, but clearly Louise didn't want me to continue praying.

So we began walking, intending to descend to the bottom of the hill. Our method of descent was rather peculiar. First we entered one of the churches, and then began walking down stairs in the interior of the church. As we proceeded down several flights of stairs, I realized a different church was located on each floor which we passed.

We paused on one floor in a rather shabby little church. Although a few people including some children were seated in the pews, the church service apparently hadn't yet begun. Some of the people were singing something about, "Thy will ...." For a moment, I thought I might like to hear more of the song. Still feeling as if I were under the influence of LSD, I thought that trying to understand the song and the way people in the church were thinking while I was still feeling the drug might be interesting, but I quickly decided I didn't want to waste much time in the little church, and I informed Louise that I wanted to leave.

As we once again continued descending the stairs, I endeavored to focus my attention on all the strange sights and fix them in my mind. Particularly prominent was a human-sized replica of Christ sitting on one banister of the stairs. The figure resembled a large doll made of paper-mache and cloth. I thought it must mean something, but I didn't know what.

Referring to the drug trip which we were taking, I finally commented to Louise, "Well it's only ten fifteen. We've got a long trip in front of us." To me, taking a trip on LSD was even better than actually physically taking a trip somewhere, although I was nevertheless somewhat sad that I had taken the LSD. I was enthralled by what I was witnessing, but I thought the experience would have been more meaningful if I hadn't had a drug in my body.

Louise seemed to be handling the drug well. Appearing alert and not groggy, she was attentively scrutinizing everything around her. As we descended through more churches, Louise became particularly interested in one, and for a moment I thought she was going to stay and look around, but she didn't and we once again continued our descent.

I hoped that once we reached the bottom of this hill we could start climbing the neighboring hill, where my Cabin was, but I could see that the climb to my Cabin was going to be rather precarious.

Dream Commentary of January 22, 2015

I am tormented by my uncertainty of another existence after this life. For life to have any meaning, the soul must live eternally after the death of the body. Yet I have no proof of such an eternal existence. Religion certainly does not provide me with that proof. Turning to my own dreams, I find that I likewise am unable to find such proof of eternal existence in my dreams. So I turn to the dreams of others in the quest for proof of eternal life in much the same way as a religious person might seek proof of eternal life within a religion. I wonder am I likewise doomed to failure to find proof of eternal existence in the dreams of others, because as of yet, I see no actual proof of that other existence, proof which might serve to ease the torment of my uncertainty.

Above all ... God's will!

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