Dream of: 06 July 1983 "Wrong People"

My girlfriend Louise and I were doing some research together and one Sunday we went to the building which housed the Waco Law Office (where I worked as a law clerk). We went to McNamara's (a female attorney) law office and entered her law library. We began working and while we were there, the elder Mr. McNamara (McNamara's father-in-law, also an attorney) walked in. He seemed somewhat startled to see us, but he said hi and then went into his office.

Louise began looking around the place; I did not want her to bother anything. She wanted to know which office was McNamara's and I pointed it out to her. She walked over to it and looked in. She then returned to where I was and we continued working.

We left the library and walked into the reception room. We lay down on the floor, spread out some books in front of us and began looking at them. We whispered quite low because we didn't want to bother Mr. McNamara, but then he walked into the room where we were and saw us whispering. I was unsure, but I thought he might think we were trying to hide something. He walked on out the door into the hall.

By now we were ready to leave and began gathering up our things. We walked out into the hall and saw Mr. McNamara getting into an elevator. Just as he was getting in I said, "Well congratulations on your victory the other day."

I was referring to a case in which they had won $300,000. He said, "Thank you. I don't see how somebody can pay that much money, a hundred thousand dollars."

I said, "Yea, that is quite a bit of money."

After his elevator door closed, Louise and I boarded a different elevator and left.

We went to a house on a city street where I was living. In the front room was set up a bed which was from a brown bedroom set which I remembered from when I was a small boy. I lay down on the bed while Louise began doing something else. I began commenting about how music on the radio was so terrible these days, and how television shows were so terrible.

When Levy (a law student) walked in, I told him the same thing, about the bad sound of radio and how I had taken out my radio and television. I told him I did not turn on the radio in the car anymore. He agreed; he thought modern music was terrible.

We talked about clothes and how strange some of them were. Louise was trying on some different clothes. She put on a long dress and then she put on a pink sweater. She walked around and wanted to know how she looked. I thought she looked very conservative in the clothes. I was unsure what Levy thought.

I tried on a pair of pants made of transparent cellophane. When I stood up, my penis was visible. I put on a red skirt over the cellophane pants and walked around. I then put on a blouse with red and white vertical stripes. I looked at myself in a mirror; I looked like a woman, even though someone could still tell I was a man.

Louise tried on a pair of pants just like mine, but I could not see through hers.

We talked about going out somewhere; Levy was going to go with us. He was quite nice, but when Louise asked him if she could borrow some money from him, he said he was sorry, but he did not have any money at the moment.

I thought about asking Levy about his family background. Although he looked as if he had some money, apparently he was quite poor.

Finally I took off all my clothes, got back into the bed and crawled under the cover. Through a window I could see some men outside coming to the door. They opened the door and simply barged right in. They were five uniformed policeman and a couple other men in civilian clothes. I was so startled I did not know what to do.

They immediately began looking around the room and going through things. They went into the other rooms of the house. They worried me, because in the headboard of my bed, in a small drawer, was a small quantity of marijuana, enough for two or three joints. The drawer was broken so if someone pulled on it, the front would come off. The marijuana was stuck in the back of the drawer.

One policeman began going through the drawers on the other side of the bed, not on the side where the marijuana was. He then walked around to the side where the marijuana was, and as he was getting close to that drawer, I thought, "Maybe I ought to say something to distract him to keep him from getting in that drawer."

When other policemen came back in the room, I asked them what they were doing there, and I said, "Do you mind if I put my pants on?"

One of them said, "No. Go ahead."

I rose from the bed, walked over to a corner and put on a pair of pants. Finally I gathered the courage to ask them what they were doing there. Apparently there had been a violent murder and they thought I had committed it. They said something about my having lived before on "Dacryn Street."

I said, "I never lived on Dacryn Street."

They asked if I was a doctor and they gave me a name. I said, "No. I'm a law student at Baylor University. I'm a third year law student. I'm just about to graduate."

I thought I should begin asserting myself more, instead of just standing there like an idiot, especially since I was a law student.

One of them asked, "Well how old are you."

I thought for a minute and then said, "I'm 30 years old."

They asked Louise and Levy how old they were and they both replied that they were 25. One officer said to one of the other officers, "Well these aren't the ages we're supposed to have."

When I finally realized the policemen had made a mistake, I became angry and said, "You've got the wrong people. And where's your search warrant?"

I had suddenly realized they had entered my house without even having a search warrant. I said, "Get the hell out of here. What are you doing here? You don't even have a search warrant."

They began marching out as I continued screaming at them. I followed them out onto the porch and watched as they went to the house next door. Levy and Louise stayed inside while I screamed profanities at them. I then slipped back inside, opened the drawer where the marijuana was lying loose and began scrapping it out on a piece of paper. I wanted to get rid of it by smoking it; perhaps Levy and I could smoke it together. Now would be a good time to get rid of it.

It suddenly occurred to me that even if the police found the marijuana, they would not be able to convict me for it, because they were there without a valid warrant.

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