Dream of: 04 July 1983 (3) "Children In The Basement"

Louise and I were together in a small house where we were both apparently living. When I looked out into the street in front of the house, I saw quite a few people running past as part of law school festivities held on the Fourth of July involving a race from the law school to the county court house in Waco. I could see the finish line; the first person across it was Cosby (a law student).

Quite a few smaller children had walked into our house and were watching the race through the window. I didn't know what to think about the children. One asked me about getting some marijuana; apparently they thought I had some in the house. They were correct: I did indeed have some marijuana in the house. They wanted some of it, but they didn't want to smoke it. They just wanted the marijuana to show that they had been there. Apparently their reason for coming in the first place was to find some marijuana there. I told them I wouldn't give them any and I thought perhaps I should dispose of the marijuana which I had. Finally I said, "All right, everybody out."

I wanted to put the children out of the house. Some scrambled to get out the door and some ran down some stairs toward the basement. I followed them to the basement, where considerable furniture was sitting around. Although I couldn't see the children, I knew they were down there; I said, "All right. I want everybody out of there by the time I count to three."

As I counted, children climbed out from behind things all around me. Some climbed out of a bed. There were probably 10 children in all. They ran up the stairs. After they had all left, I noticed a small, gray kitten and a cute, small, fuzzy dog had been left behind. I picked them both up and began carrying them upstairs.

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