Dream of: 04 July 1983 (2) "Law Class"

I went to classroom number 105 at Baylor Law School and I opened the door to go in. When I looked in and didn't see anyone inside, I thought, "Well they're not having class."

Someone behind me agreed with me, but when I looked inside once again, I saw quite a few people actually sitting in the classroom. The light simply hadn't been turned on. I went in and as I was heading for my seat I encountered Hurley ( a junior high classmate). I was certainly surprised to see him here at law school. I stopped, said hello to him and asked him if he were in this class. He didn't respond; instead, he quickly left.

I sat down in my usual seat. A girl was sitting to my left, even though I thought a fellow was supposed to be sitting there. I began talking to the girl; she said the professor was going down the rows calling on the students to discuss cases we were supposed to have read. She said the professor usually did four cases a day; since she and I were sitting in the fifth or sixth seats in the row, we probably wouldn't be called on today.

I asked her which case she thought she would be called upon to discuss; she opened her book and pointed to it. Her book was much smaller than mine. Thinking her book was an older edition, I thought it might be out of date. I opened my book; quite a few copyright dates were in it, the last of which was 1979. She opened her book and the last copyright date was 1969.

The professor finally walked in. He was a young fellow, not the regular professor. He said he was going to call out each person's name to see if that person was present. As the professor called out names, I finally realized the students were answering by saying either "A" or "C." I asked the girl next to me what that meant; she said it had to do with whether the person had a partner.

I still didn't understand and I said, "I have a partner in practice court. Does that mean you have to have a partner in here?"

She likewise seemed confused. I was unsure how to answer when my name would be called.

On the stage stood an old piano on the right (from my viewpoint). Rick Miller (a law student) had sat down at the piano and begun playing some rag time music. He was doing quite well. When he finally stopped and walked away, other people and I began applauding.

Another fellow was preparing to walk up on the stage. He was holding up his arms like a muscle man to show off his muscles. He was only joking around and he wasn't at all obnoxious. I realized he was Bill Bennett (an acquaintance I met in high school; he later became an attorney). He walked over to the piano, sat down and began playing. He did an absolutely excellent job.

Another fellow walked up beside Bennet and began singing as Bennet played. Then the two of them played the piano together. Sometimes they would stand and look out into the audience as they played. They would each hold one hand behind their backs and each would be using one hand to play. The two gave a well-synchronized act. They stopped and people applauded. I applauded more loudly than I had ever applauded in law school.

Someone set up a projector in the back of the room and began projecting a movie onto a screen in the front of the room. The movie showed a gigantic penis being carried along by a large group of small men. The movie was apparently a comedy and supposed to be funny. The next picture on the screen was of the back side of a nude person. At first it appeared to be a man, but when the person turned around, it was a woman. She appeared to be falling backward off a building.

Someone in the back of the room was trying to turn off the projector because the person didn't think it was appropriate for the movie to be shown there.

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