Dream of: 03 July 1983 "Niggle"

Louise and I became separated while walking together at a fair which appeared to be in a large gym. I encountered Julie (a law student), who was wearing a black suit and a white shirt; Julie asked me how I was doing. I asked her where Casey (another law student) was. Extremely friendly, she abruptly asked me if I would like to go somewhere and have a little "niggle" with her. I interpreted that she wanted to go somewhere for a romantic hug; I replied, "Niggle? Well lets just walk around."

I didn't think I could go with Julie because Louise would find out. Besides, I didn't want to go with Julie behind Louise's back. Nevertheless, Julie did attract me and I wanted to be with her. But I was afraid of being caught because so many people were around us.

Julie and I put our arms around each other and continued our friendly talk as we walked. Although I still didn't want to become romantically involved with Julie, being with her made me feel good. Several times she mentioned my fear of Louise's seeing us. She was correct I was afraid. Nevertheless, I somewhat wanted Louise to see us together and become jealous.

We passed some booths in which people were sitting. I thought perhaps Julie and I could sit together in a booth, but decided we would be too exposed there. Finally, while we were standing in front of a booth, I threw my arms around Julie and held her tightly for about five seconds; but I didn't want to become too involved because many people were nearby. We began walking again and drifted into an area outside the fair. I noticed a large billboard, saw a path leading into a wooded area and said to Julie, "Come on."

I led her up the path and found a place to sit down. Although we could look over the fairgrounds and the area around us, we were secluded so no one could see us.

I began passionately kissing Julie and feeling her breasts, which weren't large. I thought to myself, "I can't really go very far with her. I'm surely not going to make love to her because of the danger of catching herpes."

I didn't think Julie had herpes, but there was always that possibility. I certainly couldn't have sex with her and then return to Louise if there was any possibility that Julie had herpes. I was uncertain whether I wanted to put my hands inside Julie's pants. We lay back and I continued kissing her.

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