Dream of: 30 June 1983 (2) "Fire In The Church"

justice and karma

may be thought as one and the same


My girlfriend Louise (whom I first met in 1981 when we were law students together at Baylor Law School) and I were partners for a practice court trial which was taking place inside a church. We arrived at the rather large church and took our places in front of our judges, Margaret and Jerry (fellow law students). We still had about five minutes before court began, and I needed to go to the toilet. I knew of one restroom in another section of the church, but then I remembered a restroom right behind a door near us.

I walked into the restroom, urinated, and then doffed the brown suit-jacket which I was wearing. I then stepped up to a sink which had some water standing in it, pulled the plug so the water would drain, then turned on the water. Since the water in the sink wasn't draining, the running water almost caused the water in the sink to overflow. I turned the water off, stepped over to another sink and washed my face. Feeling much better, I returned into the church.

Louise and I weren't getting along well together, and I thought that she seemed quite ill-prepared for the practice trial. We were both supposed to give opening statements, and although I thought I was supposed to give the first opening statement, Louise stated that she was giving the first opening statement. Her modification of my plan threw me off from what I was planning to say, but not much, because I hadn't written anything anyway. I thought, "Well, I'll just go ahead and give it after her and it'll still be ok."

When Louise stood and prepared to speak, she didn't know what she was saying and she obviously hadn't prepared at all. She talked a couple minutes, stopped and then spent a long time preparing and writing a chart. Margaret and Jerry, obviously bored, began reading something. After I said something to Louise, she became angry and started talking so loudly to me that everyone could hear her, including other judges sitting nearby. I just let her continue censuring me until she once again worked on the chart until the chart finally appeared to be finished. She looked at me, and although I told her she needed to make it quick, she began writing something else on the chart. After spending much more time working on the chart, she finally took the chart up front, showed it to the judges, and talked for a minute. Obviously she was unprepared.

For further demonstration, Louise walked back again to where I was, extracted two small bowls and poured oil into them. She then lit a match, held both bowls in her hands, and set the liquid in both bowls afire. She said something about how now maybe I would learn something or see something I had never seen before.

She again walked toward the front and suddenly dropped one bowl. The oil spread out on the floor for about two meters and caught the whole stage on fire. Obviously Louise was in a panic. The fire was leaping high.

The flames began reflecting on the glass panes of some doors, and we could hear people screaming on the other side of the doors. Obviously the people were seeing the reflection of the flames on the glass panes and they thought that the whole place was ablaze. Louise had a terrible time trying to extinguish the fire. I calmly stood up and placed newspapers over the flames until I was able to extinguish them. The screaming on the other side of the door subsided. When Louise picked up the other bowl, I looked at her and berated her, "Piss poor."

My comment made her angrier. She held the other bowl which still had fire which also reflected on the doors. A few people on the other side began screaming again, but the screaming subsided quickly. Louise carried the bowl up on the stage to where the judges were and continued with her demonstration.

Meanwhile I was thinking about what I was going to say. I thought of giving part of my opening statement in Spanish since I thought that all the judges understood Spanish and that the case involved Spanish. I thought I might also give part of my opening statement in German, but I decided that since some of the judges might not be able to speak German, I probably shouldn't deliver my opening statement in German.

Dream Commentary of January 3, 2015

One theory holds that after the baptism into dream-world, the dreams of everyone baptized originate from the same source: God, in God's role as the Dream-Maker who not only creates all our dreams, but who communicates messages to us in our dreams which when published become messages to not only the dream-journalist publishing the dream, but also to other dream-readers who may incorporate the published dream-messages into their own souls, to be re-utilized in their own polished dreams and perhaps recognized by the original dream-journalist and perhaps contemplated as a tenuous validation that the Dream-Maker is heating the dreams of two separate dream-journalists with common messages burning like sacrificial fires and warming similar parts of the two separate dream-journalist souls.

So might the heat of God's common messages be sensed on the Dream Journal.

First the baptism, then the sacrifice!

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