Dream of: 30 June 1983 "Fe, Fi, Fo, Fum"

Louise and I were close to the House in Patriot. I wanted to leave here, walk around and go somewhere else, but we were afraid if we left, a large giant would capture us and take any possessions we had. Nevertheless, we ran across the street toward a house on the other side. As we ran I heard a deep voice say, "Fe, Fi, Fo, Fum. I smell the blood of an English man."

That scared me. We reached the other side of the street. From here I wanted to cross another street to where the Grange Hall was located, caddy-cornered from the House. I told Louise it didn't matter anyway if the giant caught us, because I didn't have any possessions. Since I was worried Louise wasn't going to be able to go fast, I picked her up in my arms. I noticed how light she was; if she couldn't run I could just carry her along.

As I had her in my arms, I began to think I did indeed have something to lose, because if I lost Louise I would be losing something. She was important to me; I didn't want to lose her.

As I was holding her, she began to become heavy; I was going to have a hard time running with her and carrying her along. So I put her down. She stood up and we began running again.

We could cut through the yard of the house where we were. We passed through a fence, went through the shadow of the house and into the yard behind the house; there we encountered another fence which I thought we could climb over. It was a rather ornate fence and rose to just above my head. I could help Louise over it and then I would climb over.

A gate was in the fence; just before we reached the gate, I saw someone driving a motorcycle toward us on the other side of the fence. I didn't know who it was and thought I would run toward the person, act like a dog and scare the person away. When I got close to the person, I realized it was the person who lived there in the house, a woman whom I knew from law school. She then just drove off.

I returned to Louise and helped her over the gate; then I climbed over. We ran across the street. The woman on the motorcycle circled around and passed close to where the Grange was. Many trees and bushes were there; she drove through them.

Louise ran ahead of me; I seemed to be losing sight of her. I ran after her and we ran up into where the trees and bushes were. Before I knew what had happened I had become entangled in some briar bushes. I didn't know how Louise had run through them, but she had disappeared. I saw the woman pass by again on the motorcycle. I could hear Louise's voice saying something, but I couldn't distinguish what she was saying. While I was struggling in the bushes trying to extricate myself, I made a lot of noise which prevented me from hearing Louise.

Louise kept calling something to me and I kept saying, "I can't hear you. I can't hear you."

I couldn't hear her clearly, but I was beginning to have a premonition of what she was saying and I was becoming frightened. Finally I quieted myself down so I wasn't moving a muscle; everything was perfectly quiet. Then I heard Louise say, "I'm dead."

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