Dream of: 29 June 1983 "Gigantic Skull"

While in Portsmouth I boarded a taxi being driven by Hernandez (a law student). He drove across the Ohio River over the US Grant Bridge into Kentucky and headed in the direction of Greenup. Walls was also in the taxi.

I was supposed to meet Louise near Waverly, Ohio. But Hernandez continued driving along. Finally he received a call on his radio saying he was supposed to pick someone up around Greenup and take them somewhere. I thought, "Well, I'll just drive on up through there with him. Louise can wait a little bit. Even though I know it's going to be late. She'll probably get angry."

We approached Greenup, arrived at some kind of fair and drove through it. I was in a hurry to go back, but we kept driving. We passed one small place where truckloads of sand had apparently been brought in for children to play in. Many small black children were playing in and sliding down the sand. We passed another place along the road where people were sitting at a picnic table. Some people there were also holding down a cow which was trying to stand up. Another cow was also there and a calf was sucking on it. Someone grabbed the calf by the tail and pulled it as hard as possible away from the mother cow. The calf was crying.

I thought how sorry Louise would feel for the poor cows if she were there.

On the Kentucky side was a large rock which jutted about 100 meters straight up into the air. I looked at it and asked Walls what it was, but he didn't know. The more I looked at it, the more the rock resembled a gigantic skull.

We drove on and I looked across the Ohio River to the Ohio side. There I saw some gigantic cliffs which were sheer straight up and down. I asked Walls if he had known the cliffs were there. I told him I had never known cliffs like that were in Ohio.

We drove on; as we passed another set of sheer cliffs beside us, I noticed a tall building which had been right in front of the cliffs. It wasn't yet completed and I asked Walls about it. He replied that some construction was taking place there and a big store was going to be there.

Finally we turned around and headed back toward Portsmouth.

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