Dream of: 28 June 1983 (2) "Floor Plans"

Louise and I were going to have a practice court trial against Christian and Tomme (law students). It was very early in the morning and I was sitting in a house preparing for the trial. I had a piece of writing paper in front of me and on it I was drawing the floor plans of the upstairs of a house. I drew where the stairs came up, the different rooms, closets and the stairs to the attic.

I put the drawing away and began writing questions for either a direct or cross examination. Louise was also busily doing something.

Finally Christian and Tomme, together with Stanford (a law professor) and several other people, came to the door. I was surprised to see them, but told them to come in. A couple girls were with them; the girls were apparently witnesses for Christian and Tomme. No one seemed to want to come in at first; they stayed on the porch. But I told them to come in and they did so.

Tomme and Christian had some boxes of papers with them. They intended to show us some papers and Louise and I were supposed to show them some papers. It was only about 7:30 a.m.; I told them we hadn't been expecting them until much later in the day. They said they thought they were supposed to be there at this time. I told them they weren't supposed to be here until much later and that I needed more time to prepare.

We talked with them a while longer; finally I said, "Well, maybe its better if we just don't exchange papers before trial. We'll just go to trial with what we have without seeing the other person's papers."

Stanford said that was an excellent idea and that that was the way it should be. I added, "But you know the one thing that we probably should agree on, since that would be irrefuted in the regular trial, is the floor plans of the house."

Tomme said he didn't know if we should even agree on that. He thought we could each have our own floor plans.

Each side had the floor plans of a house and each side was claiming that their house had been destroyed by fire. Apparently Tomme thought since the house had been destroyed, it wouldn't make any difference what the floor plans would have been.

Finally they all left. Louise and I continued working. About an hour later Stanford returned by himself, walked right in and began talking with us. Louise and I were both sitting nude on the bed. He asked me about the questions I had prepared for my practice trial, particularly my questions for cross examination. He said I had done a very good job asking cross examination questions and asked me if asking cross questions was my trademark. I said, "Well that was the part I liked the best of trial work."

He was quite friendly and asked me if I planned to do trial work after I finished law school. I didn't respond and he said there was a big demand for trial lawyers around a 300 meter area. I thought he had meant 300 kilometers. He said that unless I was independently wealthy I could do trial work. I said, "Well you know I probably will, because I'm not independently wealthy and I'll have to get out there and hustle for a living. I'll probably end up monkeying with it."

He replied, "Well, it won't be exactly monkeying around. Each person you're dealing with will be very important. Each person you're dealing with is a genius."

He was trying to build up the importance of each individual case I would have.

The idea of doing some trial work appealed to me; I thought of how I could find a job doing trial work. Perhaps I could just put an ad in the paper which said, "Recent graduate from law school is interested in trial work."

But it would probably not be a good idea to put an ad in the paper.

It suddenly occurred to me that Louise and I both were sitting here completely nude. Stanford hadn't said anything and was really quite friendly toward us. Nevertheless I rose from the bed and put on a pair of blue jeans. Finally Stanford stood and walked into the next room, where I remembered there was a pile of comic books. He looked at them and then prepared to leave.

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