Dream of: 28 June 1983 "Evading The Werewolf"

I met Leonard Calloway (a fellow about 60 years old whom I was helping with a legal problem) and went with him into what appeared to be a bar. A man in the bar apparently owed Calloway $5, but the man didn't want to give Calloway the money.

I told the man to give the money to Calloway, but the man refused. Finally, however, the man pulled out a five dollar bill and laid it on the counter. But underneath the five dollar bill the man had put a small cellophane packet of white powder. The powder was clearly some kind of drug, probably cocaine. Since I was afraid if Calloway took the five dollar bill, someone watching him might think he was also taking the drug and arrest him, I insisted that the other man simply hand the five dollars to me, but he refused.

Calloway, who seemed quite inebriated on alcohol, was obviously becoming angry. I thought he had probably been inebriated and angry like this on the night he had told me about when he had been arrested in Temple, Texas. I was afraid Calloway was becoming so angry he would begin hitting the other man.

Finally, while the man was standing in a corner, I grabbed the five dollars.

I began calling Calloway "Johnson" and I said, "Johnson, lets go."

By that time, Calloway was so intoxicated he was leaning against the wall and couldn't move. I turned around to leave and saw standing in front of me a gigantic man who looked like a werewolf blocking my path. Fortunately, he was so large and cumbersome he couldn't move quickly and I managed to slip past him. Calloway, however, hadn't passed the werewolf. I hollered, "Johnson! Lets go! Lets go!"

The werewolf headed toward Johnson who wasn't moving quickly enough. When I headed back to Johnson, another man there named "Davis" was in my way, and I said, "Davis, get out of the way."

I reached Johnson and grabbed him. He pulled himself together. We began running and managed to run out past the werewolf.

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