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Dream of: 26 June 1983 (2) "Dying Young"

I was in a house in Portsmouth with Mike Walls (probably 16-17 years old). I was only going to be in Portsmouth for a couple days and I planned to go out with Walls that evening.

I had a couple baggies of marijuana, out of which we rolled two joints. I gave the joints to Walls and he put them in his pocket. I also gave him one of the baggies of marijuana to keep. I was still worried about carrying the other baggie of marijuana around with me.

I told Walls I wanted to try to call my old Portsmouth friend, Weinstein, because I thought Weinstein was in town, but when I tried to call, no one answered.

Suddenly I noticed my brother Chris sitting with us in the room. I hadn't been paying any attention to him. I walked over to him and asked how he was doing. I asked, "Would you like to go out with us tonight?"

He seemed as if he liked the idea. I walked back to Walls and said, "Do you mind if Chris goes out?"

Walls said Chris couldn't go. That bothered me. I thought Chris probably wouldn't live much longer; getting out of the house would be good for him. He might also be able to smoke some marijuana with us. Since he would probably die young, it wouldn't matter if his lungs were damaged.

I sat back down. I was nude and only had a sheet wrapped around me.

I heard someone enter another part of the house - a girl who was going to take care of Chris. When she opened the door to my room, a full-grown, gray cat with a white spot under its neck ran into the room. As the girl walked into the room, I opened up the sheet so she could see me nude for an instant. She quickly turned and left. After she shut the door behind her, I was unsure whether she had seen me.

I stood up and dressed. Then I lay down on the floor and began playing with the cat. Playing with the cat was fun, except for the very sharp claws. When I stood and walked across the room, the cat attacked my foot. I tried to knock it away; I wanted to teach it not to attack a walking person's foot.

I recalled Louise wasn't seeing me anymore. I thought if she knew I had one, since she loved cats, perhaps she would come to visit me. Perhaps I would call her and tell her I had a cat. I decided not to call, but I thought I might just go to her place and show her that I had a cat.

Meanwhile Walls was on the phone trying to line up some grass-cutting jobs. He found two jobs. I wanted to help him because I needed some money.

Walls was only visiting Portsmouth for a few days. He had to return somewhere in the South were he was living with one of his brothers. I suggested to him that we both stay in Portsmouth a few extra days to make some money mowing grass. I told him he could probably make more money there than back where he had come from. He seemed to agree.

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