Dream of: 26 June 1983 "Room For Rent"

I was in a room with some other students on a large university. It was fall and we were preparing to go out and look for places to live. Someone had given us a map of the area; one long street was marked where we probably would be able to easily find rooms. Different houses on that street were marked on the map.

I left, boarded an elevator to leave and suddenly found myself standing on the sidewalk beside the yard of a large house. I looked around, saw two other students standing beside me and said, "How did I end up here? I was just in the elevator a minute ago. It would have probably taken me fifteen minutes to walk from the elevator to here."

They looked puzzled by my not remembering having walked here. But I knew I hadn't walked here; I had somehow just ended up here. It was a strange feeling and I tried to figure it out.

I looked around and noticed many large nice houses. About 50 meters away I saw a large deer which was almost as large as a elk, and another deer behind that one. I pointed to them and said to the other two fellows, "There's a deer."

They pointed behind me and said, "Look at all those deer back there."

I turned around and saw more deer behind me, all with very large antlers. I looked back at the one I had first seen and saw it had lain down.

The three of us began walking around looking at the houses trying to figure out which ones might be good to rent rooms in. But we didn't see any "For Rent" signs anywhere. So finally I walked up to the door of a house and knocked.

A girl came to the door; I asked her if any houses around here were for rent. She said there were none in this neighborhood here on Twenty-Sixth Street. But she said someone had told her a few months ago that some rooms were for rent on Carlos Street near Seventy-Second Street. I asked her if she could remember the exact address, but she couldn't.

She asked me if I had a map; I told her I had walked off and left it back at the school. But one of the other fellows did have a map, although it wasn't a very good one and it didn't show all the streets. The girl pointed out the general area on the map.

We left her and walked on. We came to a scruffy little nightclub and walked inside. Several doors inside had locks on them. We walked back outside and one of the fellows told me he had encountered Terrell (a Waco attorney) inside. But it had actually been professor Newton he had seen inside and not Terrell.

He said Newton had asked him if he thought I could lead a band. The fellow himself was musically inclined and had told Newton I would be able to lead a band just fine.

We walked on down the street continuing to look at the large houses until we were quite far from the university. I thought, "Maybe I could get a bicycle if I had to go that far from the university to classes."

Finally, after losing my companions, I noticed behind one of the larger houses a smaller house which had a large sign on it, "Room for Rent." I walked to it as fast as I could and walked up on the porch. Just then another fellow walked up and stood in front of me before the door. I pushed him out of the way and said, "Look, I was here first."

I knocked on the door and it opened. An old, scruffy-looking, unshaven man stood before me. I said, "I'm inquiring about the room for rent."

He said, "Well, come on in."

I walked in and the other fellow followed me into a large room in which quite a bit of junk was lying around. The other fellow was obviously interested in the room. The man said that was the room for rent and I asked how much it was per month. The other fellow was obviously becoming more agitated because he wanted the room.

The old man hesitated at first and he didn't seem to want to say how much the rent would be. I thought it might be too much for me and the other fellow would get the room. Finally the man said, "Well, its ten dollars a week."

The other fellow threw up his hands in despair. He couldn't seem to believe he had missed out on such a good deal by simply being a few steps late. I had thought it might be as much as $200 a month. When the man said it was $10 a week I reached for my billfold and said, "Well, I'll just pay you right now."

The old man said, "Well, its actually $15 a week counting board."

I said, "What do you mean 'board'?"

He said he would be supplying bread and butter. I asked, "Well you're over here every week?"

He answered, "Well, not every week."

But apparently he did bring some food around.

I walked over to a calendar on the wall and on the date 22 June I marked "Paid." The man said he would be around about every week. I told him we would just keep track of it.

The other fellow was obviously quite disappointed. It would have been kind of me to have given the room to him. But I thought, "But I can't do that because I need it so badly myself."

It seemed like a fantastic deal to me to be getting that room for $10 a week. I handed the man the money.

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