Dream of: 16 June 1983 "Spanish Bar Exam"

While in Puerto Rico, I received a small pamphlet explaining the bar examination. On the appointed day I went to the building where the exam was to be given and walked into a large classroom.

As I entered I saw Blackstock (with whom I had gone to law school) also here to take the exam. Since he wanted to sit next to me, we found a place in the front row and sat down. I felt uncomfortable where we were. I didn't have enough room for my legs and I had to stick them over a bar under the table where we sat. When I saw better seats in the back of the room I suggested we go back there.

We rose, walked to the back of the room and found seats. We sat down in some little chairs which had desks on them. We didn't sit next to each other, but left a couple spaces between us.

Someone passed out a small pamphlet identical to the one I had received in the mail. I looked at it. I saw a woman standing down at the end of the row and I thought, "Well, maybe that woman is going to check to see if we've already marked in our little pamphlets."

I had indeed underlined some words of the first three questions in the pamphlet I had received in the mail. I quickly exchanged that one for the one which had just been passed out so it wouldn't appear I had marked anything in advance.

I was apprehensive about taking the exam because it was being given in Spanish. Blackstock was perfectly bilingual in Spanish and English. I told him I might be making a mistake by taking the exam in Spanish. I thought, "Well, it'll be six months before I would be able to take it again in English. Maybe I should start making plans to take it in English."

I didn't think I was going to do well in Spanish, but I remembered I had taken the Law School Admission Test in Spanish and had made a score of 680, which was very good. So perhaps I would do all right in Spanish anyway.

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