Dream of: 13 June 1983 "Dylan-Land"

I was sleeping in one part of a house in which Haim (a fellow law student) was living. Haim was in another part of the house. I rose from my bed, went looking for him, and found him in a room lying on a mattress on the floor. I wanted to lie down on the mattress and sleep next to him. I did so. I thought Haim's wife was on the other side of him. I put my hand on Haim's hand, which felt rather rough.

I was extremely tired. So sleepy I could hardly think, I quickly fell asleep.

Suddenly Haim awoke. He lay on his back and began relating a dream he had just had. I was so sleepy I could hardly understand it and I did not hear all of it. In Haim's dream, Ronald Reagan had traveled to Europe and had met King Loui. Apparently they had been riding horses.

The dream was extremely interesting and it was a shame we did not have a cassette recorder to record it.

Haim then mentioned the names of four or five counties in northwestern Spain. I thought he must have once lived there to know the region so well. As he spoke the names, I could see them spelled out in my mind. One county was called "Morales" and another county was called "Dylan-Land" because Bob Dylan had gone to live there.

The entire dream was quite interesting. I thought Haim's dreams were similar to mine, except because he had lived in different parts of the world, he dreamed of far-away places rather than places in the United States like I did. It would be interesting if I were to record Haim's dreams and write them in book form.

Haim stopped, awoke and became aware I was beside him. His wife was no longer there. He had not realized before I was next to him.

He was wound up in one cover and I was wound up in a separate cover. I was so tired I could hardly move. I had slipped off the mattress onto the floor.

Haim said he could scoot over so I could lie on the mattress, which was lying against the wall. He scooted all the way to the wall. I rose and lay on the mattress next to him.

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