Dream of: 09 June 1983 "Lucy In The Sky"

I awoke from a dream around five o'clock in the morning and, still lying in bed, began recording the dream on my cassette recorder. I continued recording for quite a while, absorbed in what I was doing. When I had finished recording about half the dream, I noticed that a pretty girl with long frizzy hair was lying in bed next to me. The girl somewhat reminded me of Regina (a friend of my sister; ; I had known her known around 1970), but this girl was much prettier than Regina. She looked about the same age as my sister (six years younger than I). Suddenly she awoke and asked me what I was doing that was so important.

As I rolled over next to her, I wasn't quite sure, but I thought she probably wanted to have sex with me. When I began feeling one of her breasts, she clearly wanted to proceed. Since I was also in the mood, I began talking to her about it.

However, I had one problem Louise was in the back of my mind. Because Louise and I had been dating steady, I didn't want to betray Louise. The girl and I were both relieved when we finally decided we shouldn't have sex. We both rose, and as I headed to the toilet, the girl blurted, "Oh my God. Its five o'clock."

She said that it was time for her boyfriend to go to work and that he would probably stop there first. She walked to the window, looked out and said his car was already outside. When she also mentioned that he knew karate, I felt relieved that she and I had decided to not have sex. I said, "Well, I'll just go in the bathroom."

As soon as I stepped into the bathroom, the girl's boyfriend entered the house and immediately began getting ready to go to work. After stepping up to the bathroom door (which was slightly open), he looked into the bathroom, saw me and said something about my knee being injured. Since the girl had apparently told him that I had an injured knee, I went along with what he was saying.

The boyfriend was about my height and build. His hair was cut short in a style which reminded me of an American Indian hairdo. Realizing he didn't seem at all threatening, I walked out of the toilet and began talking with him. Having a conversation was difficult, however, because he was running back and forth as he was getting ready for work. I watched as he donned the green military uniform which he had brought with him.

While he was dressing, he pulled some things from his pockets and laid them on the dresser. When I noticed a roach clip among the items, I realized he must smoke marijuana and I thought about asking him about it. But he dressed very quickly and left.

It suddenly occurred to me that the fellow had been in the dream which I had been recording earlier. I even remembered having dreamed that he knew karate. I was amazed that he had been in my dream and that he had then actually appeared in reality.

After the fellow had departed, I walked into the living room where approximately 20 young people were sitting around, many of whom were smoking marijuana. I was amazed that so many people would be there smoking marijuana so early in the morning.

I sat down near a small group. Most were about 20 years old, but one old woman was sitting among them. When I saw all the younger people in the group puffing on short joints, I half wanted to smoke myself. I thought a joint was even passed to the old woman, but I was unsure. I thought about how good smoking marijuana would feel. It seemed the marijuana was a special type called "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds." When I asked one fellow why they were smoking so early in the morning, he just laughed.

The girl with whom I had originally been sleeping finally walked out of the bedroom. Leaning over the back of a chair, she watched what was going on. I thought since the girl was one of my sister's friends, all the other people there must also be friends of my sister.

I finally stood up and walked out the back door. I jumped on a bicycle sitting outside and rode up the street a ways. When I saw a green area which appeared to be a park, I pulled in. As I rode around the park, I realized many people were gathered there. It almost appeared the people were part of some kind of commune. It didn't take me long to realize all were smoking or dealing in marijuana.

When I saw two fellows sitting on a bench at a park table, I pulled up close to them. As they stood up to leave, I noticed that one was carrying a large garbage bag clearly filled with marijuana. I stopped the fellow and inquired, "Hey, do you think you could sell me a couple of joints of that?"

He replied, "Sure."

He opened his bag, pulled out a large gob of marijuana and said, "Here, I'll sell you that for two and a quarter."

The second fellow then handed him a joint, which was apparently a special type, and added, "Here. You can have this, too."

After I agreed to buy the gob of marijuana, the fellow handed the gob to me. As I began trying to cram the pot into an empty baggie, I pulled out another baggie of marijuana and some cigarette papers which I was carrying around with me. When the fellow saw the other baggie of marijuana, he asked me about it. I explained that the other marijuana belonged to someone else and that it wasn't mine. That was why I wanted to buy some of my own. Besides, I was unsure of the strength of the pot I had been carrying around. I wanted the strong pot which the fellow had sold me. 

As the fellow started to leave, I realized I hadn't taken the joint which his friend had pulled out for me. When I asked him what had happened to the joint, he didn't seem to know, so he pulled out a second joint and laid it on the table. Then I noticed the first joint was already lying on the table. I picked up both joints and stuck them in my mouth. I also asked the fellow if there was some place nearby where I could hide the marijuana for a little while. I motioned toward a hillside across the road behind us, and said, "Maybe I can hide it up in there or back behind this bench."

The fellow motioned to the area behind the bench and said, "No, people don't hide anything back there." He indicated the area behind the bench was a sacred place. I motioned to the hillside again and said, "What about up there?"

He answered, "Well, not too far up in there."

He continued to explain that I shouldn't worry about all the people there and that I should simply put the pot under the bench. He said no one was ever arrested around the park.

When we finally separated and he began walking down the street, however, I noticed he suddenly stopped and looked over to where a crowd of people was gathering. I knew immediately the police were arresting someone, and I could tell from the look on the fellow's face that he knew it also but he just couldn't believe it.

Knowing I had the marijuana, I became frightened. When I saw some cars pull up close to me, I thought the police might be in one. I still had the two joints in my mouth, and I was still trying to stick the other gob of marijuana into a baggie.

I suddenly remembered I had completely forgotten I was in law school. Everything I was doing in life depended on my not being arrested. If I were arrested, my life would be basically destroyed. I desperately wanted to discard the marijuana and I tried to decide what I could do with it.

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