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Dream of: 07 June 1983 "Spider Web"

Louise and I had moved to Puerto Rico; we were in the backyard of a house, where there was a muddy area and some trees. I saw a spider about a centimeter long hanging from a tree and moved my hand across its dangling strand of web so I was able to hold up the spider by the strand. The spider began quickly coming up the thread; as it approached my hand I would move my hand. The spider would then spin out more thread and so not reach my hand.

I began twirling the thread so it wrapped around my fingers and the spider twirled around my hand. Finally the spider shot over to a tree and hung there for a while. Then it began spinning around and going from place to place. I could see the thread, but lost track of where the spider was. The thread was very strong. I couldn't even move the fingers which had the strong thread around them. I was amazed as I watched the spider. It didn't even look like a spider but like some other small bug. Finally I noticed the spider had fallen into the mud. I reached into the mud, picked the spider up by its thread and threw it back up into the trees.

Some little boys were playing in the mud nearby.

Louise was talking with a man; I walked over to her. She was talking about some flies which she called "caymans." She said the flies had gotten into an orange juice bottle or a pop bottle and then had been poured into a commode. In the commode they had multiplied so the commode was just black with them. She said she didn't like those kind of bugs down there. She told me she had liked the little spider with which I had been playing.

She then asked someone what time the radio came on. She said she had been hearing Spanish music here and couldn't believe it came on so early in the morning. Someone else said, "Yea its on all the time."

I thought listening to the radio would be a good way for her to learn Spanish.

I looked down at my feet; I had used a red pen to mark red on my toe nails. About half way in the middle of the toenails I had marked them black. Perhaps I should put on some socks; it probably wouldn't be good for people to see me with painted toenails.

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