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Dream of: 02 June 1983 "Wild And Free"

While walking on a street in Columbus, I encountered two fellows who seemed friendly enough, although they were a bit disheveled and had long hair. One had blond hair and was wearing a blue tee shirt and a hat.

I walked to their house with them, entered the living room and sat down. We smoked a joint together and I became high. I reflected how easy it was to meet people like these if I wanted to smoke marijuana. The two seemed to be decent fellows, but I figured I would probably never see them again. They told me they didn't smoke much marijuana, but I was unsure whether I should believe them.

I looked around and realized the house was the one in which Randy Ramey (my good friend from my college years) used to live. I told the two fellows I had had many experiences in that house. They didn't believe me at first. When they said they had moved there about a year before, I asked, "Well, did you get this house from Randy Ramey?"

"Yes," they answered.

Noticing a television playing, I told the fellows that Ramey used to have a television in the other room. One of the fellows replied that any normal person would have it in the other room.

I began thinking I had had quite a few dreams in that house and I tried to recall specific ones.

I stood up and looked at myself in a mirror. I was wearing a red and black plaid shirt. My hair was long, but I didn't look bad. I knew people could tell I was an honest person just by looking at me.

On the television was a rock and roll singer playing a guitar and singing something about being wild and free. I thought about my girlfriend Louise and how I was no longer wild and free. I could be wild and free if I wanted, but I didn't want to. I liked being settled down. In the back of my mind, I thought about how if I were wild and free, I could go out to night clubs and meet different women, but the idea didn't appeal to me much. If I didn't have Louise I could be like the rock and roll singer, except I would learn to play the flute instead of the guitar. Then I could play music and live a wild and free life.

The two fellows and I decided to go see a movie. I thought perhaps we could go to the Cheech and Chong movie Still Smoking, but I didn't really want to see it because I had read some bad reviews and had heard it was a lousy movie.

When the fellow in the blue tee shirt asked me if I wanted some beer, I told him I didn't. He began stuffing some cans of beer inside his blue tee shirt to take with him. However, I did want more marijuana. I asked them if they thought we would be able to buy more marijuana when we were outside. They were unsure.

After we left the house and were walking down the street, I realized I was no longer high from the marijuana.

One of the fellows walked on ahead of us. I walked beside the other one on his right and I began talking with him about a test I had taken. Although I hadn't studied for the test, I had taken it anyway and had done quite well. The other fellow had also taken the test.

Abruptly I said, "Have you ever dreamed that you were just walking down the street with somebody like this? I have. It gives you a relaxed feeling just to be talking with somebody walking down the street and just looking ahead of you like this and just letting your mind flow."

As we walked along, I was trying to hypnotize him and trying to transport him into a dream-like state of mind. I thought I could probably somehow gain control of his mind just by using soothing talk. I could remember dreams in which I had been walking down the street talking with someone like that.

My problem was that I was beginning to feel bad about having smoked the marijuana. I was feeling intensely guilty.

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