Dream of: 24 May 1983 "Trust"

Birdie and I were lying in a bed in an upstairs bedroom of a large two-story house. Birdie had been practically living with me and having sex with me for a couple weeks. I was upset because I hadn't told Louise about it.

I rose from the bed and walked around the room thinking about what I was doing. If I told Louise, she would leave me and never return. I considered trying to hide the fact, but I didn't know how I could. I would probably have to tell Louise. I knew I would begin having dreams about it and would either have to tell Louise about my dreams or hide them from her. It would be difficult, but perhaps I wouldn't have to tell her.

Finally I walked over to Birdie, sat down on the bed and said, "Birdie, you're going to have to get up and get out."

Birdie was terribly upset. She rose and began preparing to leave. I rose and walked into the next room where I found my mother lying in a bed. I walked to the bed, sat down beside her and said, "Well, I just told Birdie to get up and get out of the house. Do you think I should tell Louise about it?"

She said, "Yes."

I said, "Well, you realize she'll leave me and I'll never see her again."

She said, "Well, you'll have to take that chance and go ahead and tell her."

I headed back toward the room where Birdie had been; Birdie was standing at the top of the stairs preparing to leave. I went to her, told her I was going to have to tell Louise and said something to her about trusting someone. She said she would never be able to trust anyone again. I said, "Look, if I can go and tell Louise about this, surely you can trust somebody."

We headed down the stairs. I sat down on the banister and slid down while Birdie walked. Birdie looked as if she were pregnant. When we reached the bottom of the stairs we met my father. He wanted to introduce me to some people who were with him and he said, "Steve, come here. This is ...." and began rattling off some names.

About 12-15 people (including some children) were present. My father made up and told me some names of the children. He didn't want me to know who the people really were. Birdie stood for a few moments and then left.

My father spoke to the people and said, "Now I had a Chrysler Imperial and Steve took it out one day and wrecked it. And all the tires went flat on it."

He said something about my having been drinking alcohol when the accident had occurred; he told the people what he had done to collect insurance to have the tires replaced. I stood a few moments listening to him.

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