Dream of: 16 May 1983 "School Cafeteria"

I was walking downstairs from the second floor of Grant Junior High School in Portsmouth, Ohio, where I was attending law school. Many other students and I had just left our classes and were in a hurry to reach the cafeteria to eat breakfast. Walking in front of me, in a red dress which fell below her knees, was my ninth grade sweetheart, Debi. Thinking I would like to catch up with her and perhaps sit beside her when I ate my breakfast, I hurried and tried to pass some people. But before I reached Debi, I saw another old junior high classmate, Peggy. I looked at her and asked, "Peggy, would you stand back here by me?"

When she walked over and stood beside me, I said, "Do you mind if I eat with you?"

She answered that it would be fine.

A short ways in front of us was Clifford (a junior high classmate who married Peggy after high school), dressed in a suit and tie. He stepped back beside us and I shook hands with him. Suddenly, realizing he and Peggy were married, I said, "I want to eat with you all today."

I hoped he didn't think I was trying to move in on Peggy. It had been a very long time since I had seen Peggy.

Miller (a fellow law student) then stepped up and asked what happened to people who failed the torts test. Apparently he had just taken the test and he was convinced that he had failed it. Counseling Miller not to worry about it, Clifford said he had felt the same way after he had taken the test, and he had made a B+. I said, "Yea, I felt that way too and I made a B."

Sensing that Clifford had been bragging about his grade and that I had been doing the same thing, I realized how stupid it was to stand around bragging about something like that.

When we finally reached the lunch counter, I picked up two or three pieces of bacon and laid them down on the right side of my tray. I realized I shouldn't be eating meat, but I thought, "Oh well. I'll just eat it this one time."

I continued down the line. I saw some ham and cheese and some bacon and cheese sandwiches, but I didn't take any. I began wishing I could remove the bacon from my tray; I didn't want it after I had it.

At the end of the line were chopped apples with sugar on them. Even though I no longer ate sugar, I took some. I also put some other food on my tray. I hadn't seen any eggs and I wondered where they had been. It had seemed as if half the food there was for lunch and not for breakfast.

I walked out into the cafeteria, sat down by myself and began piddling around with my food. Phil Waddell (a junior high classmate) and someone else whom I knew were sitting at the next table. I thought, "I'll just go over and sit with them."

When I walked over to them, they moved a tray away to make room for me. I sat down across from them and began talking. I also spoke to Duff (a former high school classmate) who was sitting to my left. Mark Brown (an acquaintance from high school), sitting on Waddell's left, started telling a joke. It was obvious from the way he was telling it that he had just recently read the joke out of a joke book. I thought I had read the same joke in a joke book. That seemed to be the way to learn jokes just read them out of joke books. But Brown's joke wasn't very funny.

When Dale (a junior high schoolmate) walked up and sat down on Mark's left, I said, "Hi Dale."

When he said hi to me, I suddenly thought I had had a dream a long time ago with Dale in it. I tried to remember what the dream had been about, thinking I might tell the dream to Dale. Then I realized I had also had a dream before with Waddell in it. The dream seemed to have had something to do with drugs. I didn't really want to tell Waddell about the dream because I thought he might be offended by my having had a dream in which he had been using some kind of drugs.

It occurred to me that although I was living in Portsmouth and going to law school there, I had basically lost touch with the Portsmouth area. I had become so absorbed in law school, it was as if I were living in another world.

Casey (a fellow law student) was sitting to the left of Dale; Casey began talking about how television affected people. Finally he made a sound like, "Nyaaaaaaaaaaaaa."

Everyone thought that was funny and began laughing. Casey then said something about a picture of a duck and how the legs of the duck looked like those of Lauren Parish (a fellow law student). I said, "Lauren Parish?"

Dale likewise said, "Lauren Parish? I don't think her legs look like a duck's."

I agreed. Casey however continued to maintain that Parish's legs looked like a duck's.

I had not seen most of these people in such a long time; it felt good to be with them again. I told them this was the first time I had eaten breakfast there even though I had been there for several months. However, I didn't care much for the food; I said this would probably be the last time I ate there.

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