Dream of: 12 May 1983 "Winners And Losers"

Petty (a law student) and I were working together on a little project in the lounge on the ground floor of the Baylor Law School. When professor Newton walked into the lounge, I mentioned to Petty that I was working on a project with Newton. I spoke to Newton and he said something to me. Petty then told me she had to go do something in the practice court room and she asked me if I would like to help her. I told her I would.

I thought, "Well, Michelle always gets involved in these kind of activities. She knows the professors pretty well and that way she gets picked to do things like this. She seems to enjoy it."

I had something which I was going to do for a professor in a few days and I asked Petty if she would like to help me. She said she would. I thought it was actually much more interesting working with the professors than doing school work if there was still enough time to finish the school work afterwards.

We went to the practice court room; in the hall on the wall beside the door to the room was a white cardboard which showed the results of the practice court trials. The results which had been posted weren't for my class, but for another class. Two trials had already taken place; the list outside showed how the losers and winners brackets had been separated. Petty had some little stars which were to be placed beside the names of the winners; she wanted me to place the stars while she went into the classroom and read off the names. As she read off each name I was supposed to put a star by that person's name.

She walked into the classroom carrying a bunch of papers to pass out which showed who had won each trial. She began reading off the names. I was having difficulty because I didn't understand some names. Moreover, the stars were two colors red and blue and I was confused as to which color star to put by the names.

A large crowd of people began to gather to look at the board. For each pair of adversaries the board showed a Greek letter "pi" on top for the plaintiff and a Greek letter "delta" on the bottom for the defendant. But the letters were in the way since new names were being added; so I erased them. More room was needed for the stars.

I crowded some of the people out of my way so I could reach the board to put on the stars. I looked into the crowd gathered in the hall; I thought I saw my old friend Staggs, but then I thought "Na. That can't be George Staggs."

So I went back inside the room and came back out. Then I hollered out, "Hey George."

Sure enough, the person was George. He looked like he had about ten years before. I asked, "George, how ya doing?"

He answered, "Fine."

He seemed standoffish. I wanted to talk to him; I asked him if he was going to law school. He said no, that he just had to do some business here. I asked him what he had been doing and he spoke of either working for a government program or receiving some government benefits.

I asked him if he would give me his phone number so we could get together some evening. He rattled off a phone number and I wrote it down. I told him I would call him. He said he was awfully busy and I replied, "Well you can't be any busier than I am. I'm getting to the bar examination in a few weeks."

He sounded as if he weren't going to have much time; but I told him I would call him and we could get together and talk some evening.

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