Dream of: 11 May 1983 (2) "Interiors"

I was living on the bottom floor of a large old frame house. Although I apparently had cleaned my living area, it was still dilapidated and sparsely furnished.

One evening my friend from law school, Donna, and I went out; eventually I took her to the house where I was living. We went straight to the bedroom and lay down together on the bed. I put my arms around her and held her for a while. How would I to explain to my girlfriend Louise that I had gone out with Donna? I might not tell Louise about it. Since nothing had happened, I could say to Louise, "Well I just went out with Donna and that was all there was to it."

Donna was wearing a becoming silk print skirt and blouse; the material: thin and pleasant to touch. Donna and I hadn't talked of anything of importance during the evening. I hadn't mentioned Louise to Donna; and although Donna had a boyfriend, she had not mentioned him to me. I could tell she was upset with her boyfriend apparently they had argued. When Donna finally said something about him, I asked, "Well, you want to talk about him?"

She said she did. She said his name was either "Roy" or "Ray." She said the whole problem with their relationship had been "hunger." I asked, "Well, you mean you didn't have food to eat?"

She said that was exactly what she meant. They had been poor and hadn't had any food. I said, "Donna, I know you come from a rather well-to-do family."

She said that was true; but she hadn't wanted to ask her family for help because she didn't want them to think her boyfriend couldn't afford things. She simply hadn't wanted to go to her family.

So although on the surface Donna and her boyfriend appeared prosperous, underneath they didn't have anything. Apparently they had difficulty even surviving. Finally they had had a big argument and separated.

I said something about my living accommodations and added, "Well, you live in a much better place."

She looked around the room and said that was true. I could tell she didn't like my place. Nevertheless, she was here.

As we lay here we came closer and closer until I finally had my arms around her. Should I try to feel her breasts? Finally I did begin feeling one of her breasts. She pushed me away at first; but I persisted. We kissed; all the while I was thinking, "How am I going to explain this to Louise?"

I was uncertain what I was going to say to Louise about the matter. Would this cause Louise and me to break up? Would Donna be happy if she learned that Louise and I had broken up because of this fling?

A television had been playing in the front room; suddenly it sounded as if the volume on the television had increased. I said, "Wait a minute."

I rose, walked into the front room and was surprised to find my father there. It was 6:30 a.m. He had what looked like a quart bottle of wine in his hand. I was glad to see him; I asked how he was doing. He told me he had driven all night so he could come down to see me. Obviously he had heard the voices in the bedroom and knew a woman was with me. He probably had thought Louise was with me; I didn't correct him. I told him I was rather busy at the moment and that he should make himself at home. He said he would. I told him I would be out in a little while.

I returned to the bedroom and lay back down with Donna. Then I heard a woman's voice back in the front room and realized my father had brought his wife with him. The woman he had married was the character named Pearl (played by Maureen Stapleton) in the movie Interiors.

Donna and I began talking; I thought about Louise. Should I tell Donna she (Donna) had always caused a little friction between Louise and me because I had always somewhat liked Donna? I had told Louise about my dreams about Donna those dreams had always upset Louise. I decided not telling Donna anything about all that would be best.

Donna had been thinking of transferring to the University of Texas in Austin in the summer. It was a shame for us to begin seeing each other and then for her to transfer. I asked her if she was still planning to transfer to the University of Texas.

She said she was. Apparently her boyfriend lived close to the University of Texas. And she was still seeing him, although they weren't as close as they used to be.

The blouse Donna was wearing was made of the same type of material as her skirt. She wasn't wearing a bra. I put my hand under the bottom of her blouse, intending to raise my hand and feel her breast. She stopped me. Again I persisted until she let me go; I began squeezing her bare breast under her blouse. We continued kissing. I was lying by her side; as I pressed my leg between her legs, she spread her legs apart. I began rubbing my leg against her crotch. I was trying to do everything at the same time and arouse her as much as possible.

I rolled over on top of her between her legs and began hunching her. She was obviously becoming aroused. She reached down and began feeling my penis, which was outside my pants. Since she was feeling my penis, I knew she was obviously aroused and probably wanted to have sex. I rolled off her and reached my hand between her legs. She was wearing panty hose. I tried to find the top of her panty hose to put my hand inside them, but the top was up around her navel. I said something like, "Panty hose never begin where you think they do."

I put my hand inside her panty hose and pushed my hand down to her vagina, which was wet. I thought, "Well this is it. I'm just going to have to make love to her."

She said something about how she would "love to screw" me. I began pulling her panty hose down; she didn't resist. I pulled them all the way off and then took my pants off. I took off the rest of her clothes so that she was completely nude. I stood up beside the bed and she spread her legs apart while I looked at her. When I began to insert my penis into her vagina, she said, "No, no."

She tried to stop me. She put her finger in her mouth, pulled it out of her mouth and began wetting my penis with it. I thought, "Well maybe she wants to have some oral sex first."

I raised up so that her legs were up around my shoulders. I moved my penis toward her face and stuck it into her mouth. She was lying on her back and I was on top of her. I watched as she began performing fellatio. I had previously wondered whether Donna would like oral sex. Obviously she did because she was clearly enjoying performing fellatio on me.

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