Dream of: 11 May 1983 "Raped By A Bull"

As another fellow about my age and I were walking on the big hill directly behind the Gallia County Farmhouse, we were suddenly surrounded by a herd of light-gray cows. Afraid the cows were going to try to harm us, we climbed into a tree and I swung around on a branch. The other fellow soon climbed back down. When he was on the ground, he told me to be careful of one giant gray bull. As he started walking away, the bull attacked him. I watched, petrified.

The bull knocked the fellow down on his hands and knees, and then the bull began raping the fellow, as if the fellow were a cow. I watched the rape in terror. Finally the bull dismounted and walked away.

All the while I had been trying to figure out what to do. I thought I might be able to throw something at the bull, but I couldn't find anything. I saw a small limb I might be able to throw, but by then the bull had already climbed off the fellow and had walked away.

I climbed down out of the tree and headed toward the fellow, but before I could reach him, a second fellow with a gun showed up. It looked as if the second fellow were going to try to rob the first fellow (who now seemed to be my brother). A third fellow (who resembled Joe Cartwright, the character played by Michael Landon in the television series "Bonanza") showed up and he also had a gun. The third fellow (who also seemed like my brother) told the second fellow to back off, and the second fellow did so.

I raced up to my first brother who had been raped. I could see he was obviously going to die. I picked him up and started carrying him back to the tree, where the third fellow (my second brother) was. The first brother reminded me a great deal of my uncle George. He had been madly mauled, and clearly he would soon die. I felt heartbroken and guilty because I hadn't been able to do anything.

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