Dream of: 07 May 1983 "Working In The Library"

I called the Waco Law Office to talk with Vaughn, and Libak (the receptionist) answered. I asked her if Vaughn was there. She said he was, but he was talking on the phone with someone at the moment. I said, "Well, its not that important."

She said he would probably be free in about 15 minutes. I asked her if she would tell him that I was going to work in the library today because I needed to get some things done there. When I told her I would call back later, she blurted, "Well, congratulations for getting him to pay you while you work in the library."

I asked, "Well, what do you mean by that."

Obviously she thought I should be coming into the office instead of working in the library. She said in a huff, "Well, wait just a minute."

I heard her holler to someone, "Will you come here for just a minute."

I thought she was calling Vaughn's secretary, Joann. I thought to myself that Libak must think I wasn't actually working when I was at the library. I thought I needed to talk with her, as well as with Vaughn, to see what he thought.

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