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Dream of: 06 May 1983 "Judgment Day"

My father and my mother had birthed another child, a cute blond-haired boy who was now 2 years old. I was with them watching the little boy run around. He hadn't yet learned to talk, but he seemed quite intelligent and I enjoyed playing with him. I told my father and mother that the first child is often the most intelligent, but that sometimes when people have a child late in life, the later child is the most intelligent.

My father seemed pleased with the child. He commented that there was a period of time when the features of both parents could be seen in the child. Within a space of 2-3 days, however, the features of the child would change to resemble only one parent.

As my father and I sat at a table, he told me he was thinking of going back into the business of raising and selling tobacco. I actually choked up at the thought of his raising tobacco. When he noticed that I was having a problem, he asked me if something were wrong. I didn't want to tell him at first, but finally I said something like, "Well, dad, you know the thing is, when a person does something with their life, their life's work, they like to think that they're helping people, and not killing people. And when you start raising tobacco, you know what you're going to be doing, helping to kill people, don't you?"

He sputtered, appearing not to like what I had just said, and he made some kind of statement. I picked up a stick of celery I had been eating, poked him in the arm with it and said something to the effect that, "And someday, you'll have to account for that, won't you. Someday there'll be that judgment day when you'll be standing there and somebody will be pointing their finger at you, won't they."

I pointed the celery stick at him as I spoke. I knew he couldn't deny he believed in the judgment day. He sat there looking astounded by the whole matter.

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