Dream of: 05 May 1983 (2) "Roses And Sea Shells"

Early in the morning, I was in a room with Louise. I had a red crayon and paper and was drawing some very pretty pictures of roses, one after the other. Each rose was about two centimeters in diameter; I was drawing them as the border around a larger picture in the middle. I also drew a couple sea shells with the roses.

As Louise began getting ready to go to law school, her friend Joel Lynn (a law student) walked in. Louise said she needed to see a friend of Joel Lynn's named Snow. But first Louise said she needed to put on her make up.

I looked at Louise; she looked pretty without make up, especially her eyes. Nevertheless, Louise said she was going to have to put on all her make up around her eyes. I looked at Joel Lynn and said, "Joel Lynn, could you tell Louise that she looks just fine without make up?"

Louise insisted she had to put on her make up; it made me angry. I walked over to her and pushed her to the side. She didn't say anything, but I could tell she felt hurt that I would push her in front of Joel Lynn. Louise had a hurt look in her eyes; I began to feel bad. I thought, "I shouldn't have pushed her in front of Joel Lynn like that and made her look bad in front of Joel Lynn."

Louise began putting on her make up. She put some black stuff on her eyes and then smeared something red all over her face. Then she greased down her hair. Basically it all made her look terrible. She had looked so pretty before without the make up. I thought she was mainly putting on the make up for Snow; but she didn't realize how bad it made her look.

Joel Lynn rose and began helping Louise comb her hair.

I wasn't wearing any pants and only had on a pair of light shorts. I rose and put on some pants. I began working again on my pictures of roses. I held them up to a mirror; the roses looked quite good. The sea shells also looked good.

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