Dream of: 28 April 1983 (2) "Renegade"

I was in Portsmouth, walking south on Waller Street near Gallia Street. Where the large Baptist church on the corner of Waller and Gallia used to be was now a used car lot. As I walked past, a black police car passed by me, and I thought how stupid it was to still have black police cars. Another man was standing in the car lot; when the police car pulled up to him, I thought some mischief was afoot. By the time the policeman got out of his car, two or three other men were standing around. When one of the men took off running as fast as he could in my direction, I ducked down behind a nearby car, and I even thought of lying flat in the gutter. When the man ran on by me, I debated whether to stay and see what was going to happen, or leave.

When I finally stood back up, my surroundings had become pitch black I couldn't see anything. I began walking. A cane would have come in handy (to feel my way along like a blind person), but I didn't have a cane. What would a sixth sense be like, to be able to perceive objects without actually seeing them?

A pickup truck with its lights on was traveling south towards me on Waller. The truck pulled up nearby and Stevens (a former junior high schoolmate) stepped out of it. He walked over to me and wanted to know what was going on. I told him that I didn't know, that some kind of trouble was taking place. As he headed back to his truck I said to Stevens, "Well, why don't you come over to my house with me?"

I just lived on the next street to the right. He decided to go with me and we started running together down the street. Stevens seemed quite athletic. He was wearing shorts and tennis shoes and apparently ran frequently. Just then a black jeep called a "Renegade" went by and Stevens said, "That's what they were stealing back there."

We continued on and I asked Stevens what he had been doing. He said he had been going to school, but he was going to go visit his father. I asked where his father was and Stevens said he was in Houston. I said, "Oh, that's where I'm going."

I asked when he was going and he said he was going next summer. I said, "I'm not going next summer, I'm going in a couple of days. That's where I'm going to be living."

I then said something about our visiting each other there.

We continued running until we came close to my house, which looked like the House on Seventh Street, and I said to Stevens, "Its here."

Stevens kept going to a house next door which had green tar paper on the walls and he knocked on the door. A man who reminded me both of Fred Sloan and McGee (Portsmouth acquaintances) came to the door. It looked as if he had a cigarette in his hand. I had never visited the man, but when Stevens went in, I followed him. I told the man he should come over and visit me more.

I looked around the room. A large pinup over  meter tall of a woman wearing clothes was on the wall. Other than the unmade bed, the place was relatively tidy.

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