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Dream of: 28 April 1983 "Island In The Pacific"

I had gone to visit my old friend Mike Walls who was living in the House in West Portsmouth (a four room cottage in which I lived in 1971 while I was attending the branch of Ohio University in Portsmouth). After I walked inside, I told Walls I had been living in Texas close to Mexico in a house which had been similar to the House in West Portsmouth.

I told Walls that Phil Lane (an old friend from Portsmouth) had visited me in Texas, that I had been rather rude to Lane and that I hadn't let him in my house. I had simply greeted him and sent him on his way. I told Walls that Ron Hurley (a former junior high school classmate) and Petty (a female law student) had also visited me in Texas.

Walls showed me about a pound of marijuana which he had piled on the kitchen table and which he was obviously selling. Although I told him he should get out of the business of selling marijuana, I took an interest in the pile of pot. I looked more closely at the marijuana and noticed many stems and very dark seeds in it. I told Walls he should first separate the stems and seeds from the marijuana and throw them out. Then he could do whatever he wanted with the marijuana. As I talked, I picked up a cigarette paper and started rolling a joint. When I finished rolling the joint, I lit it and began smoking it with Walls. After we had smoked the joint down to the end, Walls threw the roach in a can. I wondered if the roach could be retrieved later.

I walked outside, climbed into the back seat of a car and left. Other people were also in the back seat and after the car had traveled a ways I realized two of them were my friend Leah (a law student) and Ballengee (another female law student with whom I had never spoken). I also noticed a dark gray cat in the back seat with us. I ignored everyone and we continued on until we reached Cincinnati and pulled up in front of an auto garage - apparently something was wrong with the car. As several men walked out of the garage, I began thinking of the incredible number of people in the world and how many different people I had met.

After I climbed out of the car, Leah stepped up to me and said something about my not having spoken to Ballengee. I indicated I knew who Ballengee was. When Ballengee then stepped up to us, I ran my hand up and down the spine of her back.

Nearby was some kind of strip joint. I recognized it as a place where I had first seen a strip show.

When we and several other people re-boarded, we were no longer in a car, but rather in what appeared to be a long canoe floating along a lake. Suddenly a large alligator raised its head above the water and powerfully snapped its jaws together. It was quite frightening.

As we steered the canoe toward the bank, I tried to remember where I was and I concluded I was on a lake on an island somewhere in the South Pacific.

We reached the bank and I disembarked. Right on the other side of the bank was the ocean. I thought about how the salt water was separated from the fresh water by the narrow strip of land.

Standing on the bank I thought of the political nature of the island. I leafed through a book I had and I reached a page addressed to treaties and the legal status of the island. I thought the status was somehow linked to the United States. I also thought about how Louisiana followed the civil law rather than the common law.

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