Dream of: 22 April 1983 "Pool Hall"

Louise and I had been partners in a practice court trial against Levy (a law student) and Jarvis (another law student) and we had beaten them.

Shortly thereafter, while Louise, another person and I had been playing pool at a pool hall, another law student named Brooks walked in. I walked over to Brooks' pool table, said something and turned to leave, but then I said, "Wait a minute Brooks. I want to talk to you about something."

I walked toward the door, set down my pool stick and walked outside with Brooks. I pulled him to the side and told him that about that same time the previous year, I had been talking to the roommate of Blackstock (one of my law school classmates). I told Brooks that the name of Blackstock's roommate had been Don, but that I couldn't remember Don's last name. I continued, "And I asked him if he knew anybody where I could get some psilocybin mushrooms. And he told me that you might know of somebody. Cause last year at this time he said he saw you with some. I know that right now is the time when they're in season."

We walked over into a little park and Brooks said something about "forty-five mushrooms crossed my sight recently." However, he didn't have any mushrooms at the moment, although he did say he had some marijuana. I told him I wasn't interested in buying any marijuana. Since he only had marijuana, however, I thought perhaps I would just buy a couple joints. I said, "Well I know it would be a problem, but could you just sell me a couple joints."

He said he couldn't do that and he asked me if I would buy a "brick." I was unsure what a "brick" was. Finally he said he would sell me a $10 bag of marijuana. He proceeded to pull a baggie of marijuana from the pocket of his sports coat and he held it up in the light. Since other people were standing around the parking lot, I was afraid someone might see the marijuana. I quickly grabbed the baggie and said "Ok." I pulled out my billfold, extracted $10 and handed it to him. I stuck the baggie of marijuana in the pocket of the sports coat I was wearing.

It occurred to me that about a year before I had also bought some marijuana from Brooks. So it seemed obvious to me that he was simply a drug dealer.

I immediately felt nervous and thought, "Oh no. I hope nobody's seen me."

The thought also crossed my mind that Brooks could be an undercover narcotics agent. I wanted to go back in the pool hall and I said to Brooks, "It just always makes me feel so nervous when I buy anything like this."

We walked back toward the entrance to the pool hall. We had been gone for quite a while and since I had left right in the middle of the game which Louise and I had been playing, I knew she had probably begun another game.

Before we walked inside, I looked through a large display window in the front of the pool hall. Many people were playing pool and I could see Louise in the back taking off her shirt. She stood in her white bra in front of several men who were watching her. Apparently she was just changing her shirt and putting on a different one and no one said anything, but I couldn't understand why she hadn't gone to the toilet to change.

I walked in and hung up my sports coat by the door. I then walked over to Louise, who was obviously angry because I had left.

Only about three or four pool tables were in the room. While I had been gone, Levy and someone else had entered and begun playing pool on the table which I had been using earlier. I asked Louise what had happened and she told me they had come in and taken over the pool table. I said, "Well, aren't these our balls?"

Levy spoke up and said, "No, we brought these balls ourselves."

Apparently they had brought in their own balls. I responded, "Well, if these are your balls, I guess you can go ahead and use it."

I thought since I had been gone. I had abandoned the pool table. Apparently our balls had been turned back in.

Levy began talking about the trial we had had. He said Paulson (another law student) and someone else had been sitting in the audience and after the trial they had talked with Levy and compared my closing argument with Levy's closing argument. They said if the jury was able to vote for me instead of Levy, it had just been a lazy jury. Levy was obviously quite upset about having lost the trial to us.

Someone else, perhaps Jarvis, was with Levy. They made more snide comments about Louise and me having won the trial. I began wondering what it would be like if Levy and I were to have a contest showing cows, as in 4-H in a fair. I wondered if I would go out at night to the farm where his cow was and put something in the cow's food so it would become sick and not be able to go to the fair. I thought, "Na. I'd never do anything like that."

I imagined how terrible it would be if I were apprehended for doing something like that.

When Louise and I finally decided to leave, I picked up my sports coat and we walked out. As we continued  down the street I thought, "Uh oh. Did I put that marijuana in the bathroom?"

I reached in my pocket and felt the marijuana there. Louise and I then boarded a car which she drove, and we headed off.

Since some of the marijuana was falling out of the baggie, I poured it into my hand. I had a notebook in front of me and I began crumbling some of the marijuana over the notebook and picking out the seeds. I thought to myself, "Well, now I've spent another ten dollars. And I'd spent ten dollars before. So now I've spent twenty dollars on this stuff. I could have probably used that twenty dollars better than spending it on pot."

I was unsure whether Louise was watching me as I rolled a joint. Apparently she was, because she said something about my having the marijuana. Clearly she disapproved. I didn't say anything. Feeling rather guilty about having the marijuana, I just held onto the joint.

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