Dream of: 16 April 1983 (2) "Jury Summons"

I was in Portsmouth with my father. He had received a newspaper, on the front page of which was an article which said he had been subpoenaed to be on a jury in a neighboring county. The article said my second cousin Don and his wife Diane had also been subpoenaed.

The case was going to be about the contesting of a will. Apparently a man had written a will right about the time he was going to die. In the will he had said he revoked his other wills. In a previous will, the disposition of the estate (which was quite large) had been very different. The issue was going to be whether the new will was valid.

Don and Diane rode up in a large blue car which Don was driving. My father and I got into the car and Don drove off, heading toward the neighboring county. As we rode along on an interstate highway through the country, I noticed some trees had been cleared away for what appeared to be a new road which would cross the highway. I asked my father about it and he said the road was going to be a new interstate highway. When he first pronounced the name of the interstate, I thought he had said it was going to be called "EGO"; but then I realized he had called it "E-O."

A couple new hotels were being built where the intersection would be. I said, "Boy, I bet the land would be a good buy."

My father said a prohibition had been set up and buying land around there was impossible. As we passed a tall hotel with a glass front, I noticed a name on it which looked like "Dudley." My father asked me if I had noticed  the back of the hotel was curved; after looking, I told him I saw what he was talking about.

We drove on and when we passed a small house on the right, both my father and I said at the same time, "Its a pretty little house."

Don commented that we had said the same five words together at the same time, but I only counted four. Don said we ought to say things like that together more often.

Don was now driving quite fast on a small, country road. Something was also wrong with Don's car it was sputtering. My father commented that due to the way Don was driving the car, it wouldn't get many miles to the gallon. I was thinking the same thing.

I turned to my father and asked, "Did you receive any other subpoena besides this one in the paper?"

He replied, "No."

I said, "Well, you realize this isn't really a subpoena, this article in the paper. You wouldn't even actually have to go down there to be on that jury."

He said he realized that. He told me that one summer when he had been young he had been on many juries. He said he had been in the jury box many times with only three or four other men. The judge would then say, "Now I'm going to present this case to you. Its going to be up to you to decide the decision in this case."

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