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Dream of: 16 April 1983 "Practice Court Trial"

My girlfriend Louise and I were partners in a practice court trial in either room 103 or 106 at Baylor Law School. Levy (a law student) and Jarvis (another law student) were on the opposing team. At the same time we were jurors for the trial. The other jurors were Beaty (a female law student), Holmberg (another female law student) and another fellow.

We went through the whole trial and then walked out into the hall to await the verdict. When the verdict was ready, Louise found out what the verdict was even before returning into the room. I went into the room while she waited in the hall. She stood in the door and looked in. She looked rather disgusted; I figured she had found out we had lost. The verdict was announced and indeed we had lost. I thought that meant our record would be one win and three losses, but it really didn't bother me. Louise looked as if she were really upset; she left before I had a chance to talk with her.

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