Dream of: 15 April 1983 (2) "Grown In Stature"

While sleeping at the House in Patriot, I awoke in the middle of the night after a dream and recorded it. In the dream I had been having sex with a woman. I also recorded the fact that I had urinated in the dream, and indeed, I had actually urinated in the bed, leaving the bed wet with urine. After recording the dream, I went back to sleep.

When I awoke the following morning, my girlfriend Louise was lying in a bed beside my bed. Louise awoke about the same time and began talking to me. She said she knew what I had dreamed because she had heard me recording it.

Although I still had urine all over me, I rolled over to where Louise was and put my arms around her. Then I remembered I also had some marijuana in the bed with me which had spilled out. When Louise said she had entered the room the day before and put the marijuana in a little baggie, I began rummaging through my sheet trying to find the baggie. I finally found the baggie and saw some marijuana in it. I picked up the sheet and began trying to shake out any remaining loose marijuana. Finally I rose and hung the sheet and my sleeping bag on something to dry.

Spence (a law student) walked into the room and began talking. I was planning to leave, because I had to go to school. I was also planning to transfer to law school, and Spence and I talked about that. He said when he had first seen me he had thought I was a short person, but that since that time I had grown in stature in his eyes.

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