Dream of: 15 April 1983 "Arcade Space Ship"

While going to college in Columbus, I was working part time at a hamburger stand. Louise was a student at the college and we were both in a class taught by a woman. One day after class I met with the woman professor; she rather thrust herself upon me. Soon I was kissing her. Louise, however, was on my mind and I had doubts about what I was doing. Nevertheless I continued. I pulled up the woman's dress, inserted my finger into her vagina and massaged her. Finally we broke away from each other.

I went to see Louise. I had decided I wasn't going to tell her about what had happened; but then I told her I had some bad news for her. I told her I had met someone and had had a short relationship with the person. I didn't tell Louise at first who the woman had been; but finally I told her the woman was the professor. Louise became furious. She began crying and tried to tear away from me, but I held her and said, "There's more."

I hadn't yet told her I had actually had my finger in the woman's vagina; I was preparing to tell her that. I felt terrible. I was also going to tell Louise that when I had been with the woman, I had even thought originally I wasn't going to tell Louise about it. I would explain that I had realized I wouldn't be able to return to Louise without telling her. Even while I had been with the woman, I had known I would have to tell Louise.

Before I could say more, Louise broke away from me and left. We were close to High Street in Columbus. I began walking around. I went into a video arcade game building, sat down on a bench and began looking around. On the floor lay some little golden coins which were used to play the games; I picked up three or four. I also found a dime. Then I found an English penny -- one of the old large kind, about the size of a quarter.

People were lining up to board a ride which was also in the building. They had to climb up a small ladder to reach what appeared to be a little space ship. The space ship would spin the people around in front of a video screen.

I left and returned to the hamburger stand to work. A small tree was planted on the sidewalk in front of the stand; its branches stuck out across the sidewalk under the building. I got down on my knees and crawled under the tree. Once I was on the other side about three meters away I looked back and saw someone else coming through. The person just pushed the branches away and walked on by.

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