Dream of: 24 March 1983 (2) "Life-Saving"

I was with five or six people, including my brother Chris, riding along on a raft on the languid current of a small tributary of the Ohio River. We were near the shore and no one was directing the raft. I began thinking tremendous effort would be required to row the raft back upstream after we had floated so far downstream.

Suddenly we came to the Ohio River and were just about to be snared in the current. How swift and swirling the waters of the Ohio were. I said something to the others and we directed the raft back around so we remained in the tributary.

We saw a place with trees and a clearing along the bank. We pulled up. Several men (around 20 years old) were swimming there. At first I thought they were wearing pants, but then saw their penises and realized they were just covered with mud from the waist down.

Some of the people on my raft stepped onto shore. Among them was a beautiful blonde-haired girl (about 20 years old). She walked over and sat in the low, forked branches of one of the trees. She seemed radiant and paid no attention to the men. Some of them were holding their hands over their penises; I was concerned one of them might bother her.

I became concerned about Chris because he had muscular dystrophy and couldn't swim. I had been considering what I would do if the raft were to turn over. I decided I would grab him and try to save him. I held onto his shoulder.  But as we sat here I realized how difficult it would be to save Chris since I had never had any instruction in life-saving. Perhaps I could practice by taking him into the water and swimming around holding him. I could put my arm around his neck and pull him along while he lay with his back on the water. His head would probably go under at times. Perhaps I could teach him to breath in and out. I began practicing quick short inhalations and exhalations and realized how quickly the breathing tired me.

I stopped and instead of practicing pulling Chris, I got back onto the raft and left. I was dropped off at a house sitting on the river bank which belonged to my mother. I walked in and out on to the back balcony over-looking the river, which was calm and had several pleasure boats on it. On the other side was a barge with a band on it. Apparently some sort of festivities were taking place. A number of people were walking around on the bank on my side.

To my right about 50 meters away were four young men. Suddenly one of them threw an apple core in my direction. It almost hit me. He threw another one. That angered me and I stuck up my middle finger at him. I saw them immediately become angry. They were motioning to me and I saw them head toward my house. Obviously they wanted to fight.

I walked inside where my sister was. I told her if someone came to the front door to tell them I had left. She seemed reluctant at first, but then agreed. I went to the basement to hide.

I heard one of the fellows come to the front door. He demanded to be let in; I could hear him walking around overhead. I was frightened, but finally gathered my courage and walked upstairs to confront him. I wished I had a gun and thought about getting a butcher knife, but I went unarmed into the room where he was. He was sitting on the couch drinking beer from a brown, long-necked bottle. His hair was long and disheveled. I was going to subdue him and have him arrested for trespassing.

My grandmother Leacy walked into the room. Frantically I immediately told her to go call the police. The fellow just looked disconcerted as I gave Leacy the instructions.

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