Dream of: 23 February 1983 "Fortune Teller"

I was driving my car around Waco and stopped at what appeared to be a little shop attached to the back of a house. At first I thought the shop had a drive-in-window where I could pull up in my car and speak to whomever was inside. I pulled into the driveway, narrow and only big enough for one car. I then realized the driveway ended at the door of the shop, there was no drive-in-window and I would have to get out of the car and go in. I had trouble getting out of the car because the drive-way was so narrow and my car door was right up against the house.

Finally I managed to climb out and I walked inside. In there encountered a tall, thin, black-haired woman (about 30 years old). She was appealing; I was instantly attracted to her. I immediately sat down on one of several large pillows which were lying on the carpeted floor. The woman sat down about a meter away from me, pulled out a deck of cards and began dealing them on one of the large pillow lying between us.

I wasn't exactly sure what the nature of the establishment was, but I was rapidly concluding that the woman was a fortune teller. That was basically what I had been looking for. I wanted to see someone who could tell me something about myself without my saying anything. I asked, "How much is this going to cost?"

"Nothing," she replied.

That made me happy and I said, "You can't beat that."

I thought she was going to read my fortune in the cards she had dealt on the pillow. But then I saw that she had dealt seven cards for me and seven cards for her. I picked up my cards and began looking at them. I was surprised to see written across the top of every card the words "Bee Hives." In the upper left hand corner of each card was a number. There was more writing on the body of the cards which I assumed had something to do with bee-hives. I asked, "What kind of game is this?"

"Don't you know?" she responded.

I continued looking at my cards trying to figure it out. I began arranging them in order according to the numbers in the upper left-hand corners. Some numbers were the same and I grouped them together. The woman asked, "Do you have any cards that show pictures of sheets of U.S one dollar bills?"

I looked at my cards and saw that indeed there was one or two that consisted solely of a picture of U.S. one dollar bills. I looked back at her and asked, "What if I do?"

She answered that I would have to give her those cards. I looked back at my hand and saw that now somehow mysteriously I had four or five cards that showed pictures of U.S. one dollar bills. I looked at her again and she said, "Plus you'll have to give me $8 for every card that has a picture of sheets of one dollar bills."

I looked at my hand again and to my utter disbelief and amazement all my cards now showed pictures of sheets of one dollar bills and none said anything about bee-hives.

I was becoming very nervous. I was certain the woman had some power to change the cards. I leaned back away and thought of leaving. But then I spread out my cards on the pillow and said, "You did that, didn't you?"

She looked at the cards and said something about it being a tidy sum at $8 a card; but obviously she wasn't actually intending for me to pay her anything. She then asked, "How is life with bonds, bills and notes?"

That startled me even more. I was now extremely nervous. The woman obviously had incredible psychic powers. I asked, "What makes you think I've had a class in bills and notes?"

I didn't want to say anything about who I was and I realized I shouldn't even have said anything about a class in bills and notes because she might surmise that I knew something about the subject. I certainly didn't want to tell her I had actually had a law class in bills and notes.

She said, "Oh there were just some fluctuations in the bond market today and I thought a lawyer might be able to tell me something about it. You are a lawyer, aren't you?"

I was by now very agitated. It was hard to believe she had so quickly concluded I was a lawyer. I looked at my hand to make sure I hadn't written a case number on it like I sometimes did which she might have seen. But my hand was clean.

I looked around the room. Some merchandise, which looked like cans of cleaning material, was sitting on some shelves. I concluded that she must sell some kind of cleaning products here. I then looked through a door which led to the main part of the house and saw a man cross a passageway. He was about the same age as the woman. I was hoping she wasn't married because I was very attracted to her. But I couldn't bring myself to ask. I picked up the cards and began shuffling them to deal another hand.

She asked, "Well are you a lawyer that works at the community aid clinic?"

I was rather enjoying her probing. I thought perhaps it was time to tell her I wasn't a lawyer but a law student. But I would first tell her that I had done a lot of drugs and that I had been in prison in Iran for eight months and two months in Puerto Rico.

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