Dream of: 22 February 1983 "Sign For Infinity"

I was sitting far in the back on the right side of a courtroom where a trial was taking place. The judge was a woman dressed in a black robe. I noted the performance of the lawyers as I watched various witnesses being called to the witness stand and questioned by several lawyers. One lawyer dressed in a black suit walked up and sat to the right of a witness. Sometimes the lawyer would look at the witness and sometimes he would look out the window as he asked questions.

To my left on the other side of the aisle were a couple fellows and a couple women who kept making some noise which seemed to be disrupting the courtroom. Finally the judge slammed down her hammer and called, "Order in the court," and they became quiet.

A young fellow with long hair was called to the witness stand. A lawyer asked the fellow about how much money he had paid for his house, but the fellow apparently let his wife take care of all his records and he didn't seem to know the answer.

The people across the aisle began talking out loud again. I became exasperated and I finally hollered, "Will you shut up. Just shut up."

They were quiet again, but then one of the girls said, "And I study algebra."

I finally realized from the way she talked she was rather retarded.

Another witness came to the witness stand and the questions had to do with a mathematical book. I picked up a copy of the book and began going through it. I read along in the book, anticipating more questions would be asked about it. I understood all the math, until I came to a part dealing with a type of calculus problem. I saw the symbol for infinity and the sigma sign and I thought perhaps I should try to learn what the signs meant. If I read along in the book it would become clear to me. I thought some of the questioning on the witness stand would be dealing with the signs. I was uncertain I wanted to bother with it, even though I felt as if I should have.

Several other calculus signs were on the page; I found them quite interesting, but it would take me some time to understand. I knew I needed to know the material in order to follow the trial. It would be very interesting to follow along and learn the calculus.

Louise walked into the courtroom and sat down beside me. I thought she was a little angry with me about something, although I was unsure what. She said that one of the books for professor Wendorf's class had been changed and that another book had been substituted in its place. She already had the new book.

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